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Chakra Balance

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Helen first began practicing Reiki in 2006, and became qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher in April 2012. Alongside her Reiki practice she was introduced to Crystal Therapy, to which she felt a very close affinity. Helen now invariably uses a combination of both in client treatment sessions, having obtained her Diploma in Crystal Therapy in June 2010.

We all have times where we experience stress, anxiety and a feeling of being out of sorts with ourselves and the world. For short periods of time we can still function even when this is the case, and 9 times out of 10 we very soon bounce straight back to our normal self – but when we do not, or feel unable to, it can significantly affect our well-being. Mentally we can fall into depression; physically symptoms can develop that manifest themselves as disease; emotionally we can feel unstable or unpredictable; and spiritually we can feel that we have lost our connection. All are symptoms of being out of balance with our true selves.

In Helen’s own life she has found Reiki and Crystal Therapy to be valuable and powerful tools to help to maintain balance, and it is her wish to help and share her experiences with those that feel drawn to use these energies in this way for themselves.



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