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Angela Burke is a spiritual healer, teacher and channel for over 30years, she is a member of the following healing organisations C.R.(Chakra Rhythms0, U.K.R.F. (United Kingdom Reiki Federation), I.S.F. (International Spiritualist Federation)   Angela is currently undergoing a two year training programme with BBTR(BioDynamic Breath Trauma Release)Poland. In 2016 Angela was in Denmark where she attended an advanced course on Mediumship with the world renowned Medium, Gordon Smith. She has a private practice here in Fermanagh and travels and teaches. Angela is passionate about healing, since early childhood  she has been aware of other dimensions, i.e. spirit guides, Angels, and soul mind connections. She has been using her gifts to help others understand their life, pain and dis-ease. Sometimes we need a wake up call before we sit up and listen to spirit. Angela has lived an unusual life, she also has a gift for fertility. Helping lots of people who ‘cant’ have babies to conceive. Angela loves to teach healing of the spirit through laughter and movement. She teaches the discipline of hands-on-healing to all who would provide compassionate care for those in need. Angelas greatest strength as a healer and teacher is in her ability to create a deeply meaningful experience for participants. She provides her clients and pupils with practical tools for living a spiritual life. Spirituality is not a religious practice. Religion is a personal choice. What we teach is compassionate empowerment of the individual, if you want to heal the world start with yourself. Angela truly believes there is nothing new to be found, we are just re-awaking our lost self. Healing is as old as the beginning of time. When you start to heal yourself you heal the world. Angela believes there is only one healer in each family. They normally start with a lot of personal pain, this is their way into generational healing. Angela started her path in the 1980’s, her path into healing with Amethyst Co Clare with Alison Hunter and the training in primal theraphy, also four years of primal therapy for her personal growth. I did training with Shirley Ward in chelation and counseling skills in Maynooth college. When I had my second child I knew I had to go for help. I was so depressed and did not know how bad it was. I knew I had to do something to bring about the change I needed to help me and my family have a different life. I’ve been a Reiki master for years, trained in Shamanic healing  with Martin Duffy, Danced with Joan Davids in Dublin. Danced with Gabriell Roth in New York, and have studied the 5 rhythm’s as an ongoing practice for 20 years. With lots of rhythm teachers, all over Ireland and England.  I’ve also done movement medicine in UK and Dublin.  I have studied the chakra system and shamanic practices with Rosalyn Bruyere in the 80s and 90s. I’ve experienced the work of John Bradshaw (inner child)  Holotropic Therapy the work of Stan Grof. EFT with Helen McCrarren, in Monaghan, Tony Stockwell, mediumship, in London and Gordon Smith, mediumship in Copenhagen. I’ve lived in a community in the 90s with 3 of my kids. Studied with the Findhorn Community in Scotland . I’ve studied voice work with Helen Grant Johnston in Dublin and Jill Purce in London. I’ve spent time with Mia Dolan in London, and did advanced mediumship  with Arthur Findlay College also in London. I’ve lots and lots of training in The Energy Coen Technique with Tom Wynn Dublin. Trauma and addiction with the Wave Centre Omagh. Advanced introduction to addiction studies with Urrus Dublin.  Facilitation skills with Meitheal in Dublin. Mental health first aid, with Scotlands Mental Health also mental health awareness training, with Sperrin Lakeland. I love my work and life, I believe there are no bad people only bad behavour and we can change behavour.  With enough help from outside our own life. The first step is to make the connection, to realize we are not an island we need each other to heal. Angela is from Dublin, and has been living in N. Ireland for 21 years. If you feel you would like to have an appointment, or organize a group session in your area of the country, just send me an email. I love to travel. I love to help in whatever way spirit is guided to send me. I’m a mother of five grown up children and a grandmother of a wonderful grandson now aged 11. I continue to have my own healing, also to learn as much as I can for my own inner growth, keeping myself clear and focused on living life to the maximum. We are “Spirits having a human experience” We come from Spirit and Sooner than we know will return, hopefully more enlightened!! “Life is not a Dress Rehearsal” What Are You Waiting For?? Make the connection today and start the move back to your Light!!



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