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Charlie Badenhop

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If I had to use just one word to describe myself and my background, it would be eclectic. In 1985, I moved to Japan from my place of birth, New York City. I’ve lived here ever since.

My Japanese clients say, “Charlie-san has a foreign face and name, but a Japanese heart.” My Western clients tell me I offer an intriguing Eastern sensibility, couched in modern terms.

I’m glad to hear people say these things, because I love the combination and cross-pollination of Eastern and Western cultures that my work offers. It’s a mix of the best of Western problem-solving abilities and Eastern contemplative awareness. If you’re drawn to better understand the intersection and interaction between your thinking mind and your emotions, so that what you really want leads to the actions you take in life, then you will likely appreciate Seishindo. Seishindo is an interweaving of Eastern and Western philosophies with my wide range of business, professional, and personal experience.
  • I’m a native New Yorker, the son of a captain in the New York City Fire Department.
  • I graduated from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, with a degree in Political Science, and was an officer in the U.S. Navy.
  • I went to Japan to study Noguchi Seitai, and Aikido. I’m a fourth-degree black belt in Aikido, and I’m one of the few foreigners in Japan to be certified as an Aikido sensei.
  • I’ve studied extensively with John Grinder and Judith De Lozier, and I’m a certified trainer in  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
  • I’ve coached, consulted, and conducted business in Japan, the United States, Nepal, India, Italy, Russia, and Korea – to name just a few countries. My clients have included multi-national corporations and small businesses, CEOs and private individuals.
  • I’m a long-term practitioner and student of many forms of mindfulness, psychology, and health disciplines, including Seitai, Seiki Jutsu, Yoga, Self-relations therapy, Gestalt therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and others.
  • I’ve had the good fortune to study and collaborate with many exceptional consultants, healers, martial artists, coaches, and therapists.
Having worked through many personal and professional challenges in my own life, it’s my passion to assist my clients in doing the same. Through Seishindo coaching, stress management skills, relationship building skills, and mindfulness practices, you can rekindle the spirit of your emotional and physical well-being, recognizing and embodying your true heart’s desires. My work is known for its magic, depth of experience, and celebration of life. I know you’re capable of great change. My experience of life has shown me that every individual and organization already has the resources they need to achieve deeply-desired goals. The challenge I’d like to help you face,  is to uncover and appreciate the strengths of “you system,” and build from there. My intention as a coach is to create a relationship of trust, safety, and respect with you. I’ll encourage you to go beyond your demons and limiting beliefs to experience what you’re capable of when you truly believe in yourself. I’m a coach and consultant because helping people connect to their core self, and having faith in people when they’re not yet capable of believing in themselves, are gifts I deeply enjoy sharing with others. I’ll gently urge you to have the courage to declare a greater purpose for your life! Contact me for further information.  


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