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Danya Basu is a clairvoyant gifted Healing Meditation Master Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual healer, spiritual counselor and author. A mother of two little angels and wife of an amazingly kind-hearted man, Danya lives to spread joy with her gift of healing and pass on her amazing healing techniques to others to enable pain relief, complete chakra healing, abundance, prosperity, spiritual awakening,  relief from stress, anxiety and depression, anger management and inner peace.


Ever since 2000 Danya Basu has been healing as Sunettra Basu until in 2018 she adopted her spiritual name Danya, meaning ‘divine offering’ in Sanskrit, and ‘divine gift’ in other languages, in response to a higher calling to establish a healing practice as an offering of gratitude to the Universal Divine …remembering His ever merciful and abundant shower of Grace!

Danya has been spiritually inclined ever since her teens, and subsequently became a healing channel in 2000. In 2010, upon the beckoning of a higher call to serve, Danya took her Reiki Master Degree in India and thereafter actively practiced as a Reiki Master Teacher in the United States. Danya is grateful to her Reiki, Angelic Healing, Abundance Healing and White Light Healing Meditation students and clients  for the privilege of healing and attuning them to the sublime life-transforming methods of healing and rejuvenation with cosmic healing waves and sacred healing light of divine consciousness.

Danya Basu has been channeling powerful healing sessions since 2000 to clients all over the world for fast recovery, pain relief, peace, abundance and spiritual awakening.  

Danya’s healing sessions have resulted in complete recovery or significant improvement in health conditions ranging from chronic headache, migraine, infections, depression, anxiety, hypertension and emotional trauma to painful acute conditions including orthopedic problems, cancer, managing side-effects of chemotherapy and post surgery recovery (all subject to individual health and regularity of healing).

In 2012, Danya channeled and subsequently published her first book on meditation titled White Light Meditation – Manifest Your Dreams & Aspirations. The book, available all over the world, introduces White Light Meditation and explains the many extraordinary benefits of the ten minute spiritual practice called White Light Meditation. The book has helped countless people to heal and improve their lives by spiritual means, and continues to benefit many more. It is the first volume in Danya Basu’s White Light Series of books.

Danya has had intense spiritual awakening and divine experiences with Angels and Ascended Masters, and has been blessed with numerous psychic/divine experiences throughout the past decade.  She is intimately aligned with higher beings of divine universal consciousness, namely, the Archangels, Jesus, Avalokiteshvara-Quan Yin (Buddha of Compassion), Ramakrishna, The Mother, Sri Chaitanya, and the Universal Super-consciousness. Her spiritual alignments have awakened within her extraordinary awareness through clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance wherein vital truth critical to  spiritual progress and material success reaches her through psychic communication channels and heightened intuition. Danya Basu is perfectly aligned with the Universal Super-consciousness, Its sublime healing vibrations and with higher beings of divine consciousness through spiritual oneness and her single-pointed seeking of self-realization.

Danya presently teaches her powerful spiritual gifts of healing as healing meditation courses to spiritual seekers and suffering individuals worldwide. These courses include Quan Yin – Buddha of Compassion Meditation, Angel Healing Lights, and the most rewarding healing practice – White Light Healing Meditation Course. This course aligns the practitioner with White Light, the highest universal all-inclusive divine vibration, and Its Source, the Universal Super-consciousness. White Light empowers and enables the practitioner to manifest and experience all aspects of life as he/she aspires to. White Light is particularly beneficial in healing mentally-emotionally sensitive or underdeveloped individuals, especially, sensitive children.

In her own words…

I welcome you to embark on this sacred path of spreading the Light of Healing!

I teach a fundamentally transforming meditation called White Light Healing Meditation. It is a very advanced and deep practice that can reprogram your samskaras and destiny to make way for and manifest what you wish to do and experience in life, that is, to materialize your desires and goals.

I provide healing sessions with the highest vibration/consciousness of all… the Purple Light Consciousness of the Sahasrara or crown chakra, and the Green Healing Light of the Anahata or heart chakra. I have perfect alignment with all other healing vibrations as well… Golden, White, Blue and Pink, each healing and energizing a particular chakra and the associated organs and life functions, and each activating a special set of powers. This rare spiritual gift, the power of Healing with Divine Light, enables me to serve individuals effectively all over the world.

I do not conduct my courses and healing sessions as commercial activities as my healing practice is a pure expression of my core spirit and I treat my spiritual and energy healing practices with utmost love and the highest regard! I heal and teach/attune each person individually and mostly through Distant Attunement and Remote Healing though I do meet my clients and students with appointment as and when required. I believe acceptance of the highly empowering Attunement, as well as the Healing Sessions happens the best and the deepest when the individual is in his/her most comfortable cozy spot at home. On the other hand, I send out the celestial Light from deep meditation in my personal meditation chamber.

All explanations and advice will be given to you directly by me over the phone and/or via emails. However, if you wish to meet me and/or take your attunement in person, I will fix up a date and time for a one on one discussion and attunement. Once you are attuned by me, I will always be available to guide you and to answer your queries related to your healing practice.

If you want to register for White Light Healing Meditation Course please do so here…

Once you have registered here, I will email you all the course material along with available attunement dates and time slots. You can choose whichever suits you. After your attunement, once you have read the course material and started the actual practice you will know for yourself how extraordinary this practice is, and how crucial a role it plays in your success and fulfillment in life! The healing meditation speaks for itself.

May you realize the spiritually powerful being you really are deep within, and experience your hidden potential to take life in the direction your heart leads you to!

In 2018, Danya published another book, the second in her White Light Series, titled White Light Healing Meditation Course – Return To Your Inner Divine. The book passes on Danya’s White Light Healing Meditation course and reveals to the world the secret way to awaken the most powerful latent inner divine powers that can enable positive transformation, manifest abundance and materialize goals and life experiences one aspires for. The short and simple ten minute practice done twice a day brings phenomenal healing, stability, mental-emotional harmony, understanding and behavioral improvement in the lives of the practitioner and his/her immediate family.

Danya most extraordinary healing meditation courses:



Danya also provides in depth SPIRITUAL COUNSELING that includes detailed Angel Card Readings, Jesus Messages and personalized Numerology calculations bringing energy support from the Angels, from Higher Consciousness and from the esoteric essence and power of Numbers.

Danya Basu can be contacted via email and phone with queries pertaining to her courses, books and services, customer queries, or for guidance regarding health, healing and spirituality.

Danya provides free Divine Light Healing to individuals all over the world who seek healing for critical conditions and to trigger positive transformation in life. 

Danya Basu provides very powerful SPECIAL HEALING SESSIONS with appointments.

Email your Divine Light Healing request (along with your name, the problems to heal, and your recent photograph), and your course related queries to danyabasu@yahoo.com. Danya personally responds to all emails.


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