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David Walther

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David Walther was born in West London, England. His early career was spent serving in a large public sector organisation for many years, working closely with people from all walks of life. In 1996 David began studying Hua Tuo Qi Gong, a rarer form of self-healing Qi Gong. His first introduction to Chi or Universal energy, it wasn’t long before David could transmit and manipulate this energy himself. Although David had always believed in spirits and had some experiences as a child, it wasn’t until 2006 he started his spiritual journey in earnest. Learning from many teachers various forms of healing, mediumship and the spirit realms, he found he was fast-tracked by spirit into a world he felt totally comfortable in. This background enabled him to help others to greater effect with an expanding repertoire of abilities, which are still continuously growing and improving. David’s exceptional results with people suffering from various physical and emotional  ailments, spiritual attachments to themselves, land and haunted houses, have led him to practise his healing and house cleansing internationally. His work and experiences inspired David to write a book the Diary of a Gatekeeper, as advertised in More to Life Magazine along with radio interviews such as The Zone Show and most recently interviewed byUKTV to be shown on the Really Channel. David is also a fully insured member of the UK Reiki Federation and long term member of Soul Rescuers UK. He provides help, healing and house cleansing as a charity where ever people need him. When he is not busy healing clients, in his spare time, he enjoys practising Yoga, keeping fit, travelling and has a passion for fast cars. While David continues to provide a variety of healing, guidance and teaching services, his abilities to deal with the spirit realms on darker levels as well as the light, also expanded exponentially. He continues to hone and develop these abilities to help others with hauntings in properties, land and people and many other forms of dark energy problems. Now living in Surrey, England, David continues to learn and evolve whilst teaching and healing clients.



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