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Hello everyone, I am Dori. I have always been enthusiastic about mine and other’s personal growth and healing and have always found myself in supporting and advising those around me. My Yoga Journey has started in India, where I have deepened my yoga practice and dived into my own healing and spirituality. Along my path I have received teachings from tutors worldwide and those opportunities blessed me with the gift of: Healthy Mind-Body-Spirit. I have found myself that the more I learn, the more I wish to share that knowledge with others, so they can benefit from it too. I am a lifelong learner, living my Yoga on and off the mat. My purpose in life is to spread love, light and positivity. I held English speaking yogic style classes, where we focus on breath work, safety and correct alignment. I aim to motivate students on their Yoga Journey, encourage them to find their own peace and freedom and honour their individuality. The unanimous opinion of my students is that when they come to my classes, “It feels like Home” 🙂 . Certifications: Hatha/ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 200hr, Yin Yoga 100hr



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