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Fireside Lodge

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I like to go outside, just after waking up, to refill the bird bath in the garden, check out the frog pond, say hello to the birds, watch the golfers just behind the gate, possibly remove a piece of poo the fox has left behind. Being out like this and pottering around first thing in the morning makes me feel connected. Connected to the two and the four-legged, the winged ones and the little crawlers in the garden. Connected to the water, the wind and the trees. And connected to the universal life source, the creation, the creator. Being connected is the most important driver of good shamanic and good energy work. These connections give me wisdom and positive power. Whether I do my work or just go about my life, I remind myself to always think about my impact on the world around me. Based on native American tradition, we sometimes say: “Mitakuye Oyasin”, which means “to all our relations”. I was born and raised in Switzerland. Spending time in the mountains and hiking close to the wild waters has been important to me all my life. Even as a kid, when exhausted from a hike, I noticed that I could put my hand on a warm rock and refill my energy levels. I also seemed to ‘know’ much more when I was close to the rocks; were they whispering to me about their ancient knowledge? Only much later in life could I make sense of all this, but first… I became an organisational development consultant, facilitator and executive coach. While living in the USA, some of my Native American friends offered me some initial teachings about Earth Medicine and the healing powers of the sweatlodge. This felt like going ‘home’. And this is where I was given my name – Silverbear – which I now use for the Lodge. Later, back in Europe, I intensified my training in the areas of Reiki, contemporary shamanism and soul midwifery – as well as Martial Arts. Some people are confused when I tell them about all the different aspects of my life, but for me it is rather ‘normal’ to do all this and still coach people in organisations. Many years ago, I ‘journeyed’ to find out about my purpose. It is being a bridge. I am glad to be of service.



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