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Hi I am Maxine. I work as a clairvoyant medium, healer and teacher. I am married to Brian, and in the photo is my very hansome cat, Boris, who is quite a healer himself. I have always been psychic and remember my first clear contact from spirit when I was 15 years old and extremely ill with glandular fever. My great grandfather appeared like a little movie scene in my third eye. He showed me how he was dressed, an old pub he used to sit outside at the end of the day with his workmates and his character. He appeared to let me know I was not alone and my loved ones in spirit were around me. It was such a comfort to know I was receiving help on another level. This has been the main thing that has kept me going through the years to follow. I was diagnosed with M. E. following glandular fever, which eventually lead me to become a Reiki Master in the year 2000. I am now an Angelic Reiki practitioner and teacher. I have studied various healing methods, including Universal White Time Healing and Access Consciousness. However, I mainly use Angelic Reiki as I have established a close connection with the Angelic Realm and found their energy to be gentle, yet very powerful. They are beautiful to tune into for gentle, uplifting guidance. They always seem to shine a light at the end of the tunnel. My health issues helped me to progress on my spiritual pathway. My trust in the divine plan has been unfaltering and I know that our challenges are our lessons and opportunities to progress in life. To me it has always been a knowing rather than a belief that life is infinite and our loved ones live on in spirit. My life’s pathway, as with most psychics, has been a very difficult one with my health, my mother’s breast cancer, followed by bi-polar disorder and her sudden, tragic death in 2002. I also cared for my 90 year old grandmother after her death, who had senile dementia. Everything has lead me to search for why we are here and I have been shown so many answers. My spiritual development stemmed from many directions. I attended various psychic development courses, space clearing with Vicki Sweetlove, Medicine Wheel with Denise Lyn, Tarot courses and sat in a mediumship circle in Rayleigh for 2 years with a fantastic Psychic Medium, Louise. My Usui Reiki Master Rajni Anhal taught me how to integrate the spirituality into my own life and understand/heal the emotions behind the symptoms. I am forever grateful and respectful of my Angelic Reiki Master, Danica Apolline for attuning me to Angelic Reiki. Not forgetting my guides, the angels and Ascended Masters for the knowledge they have imparted along the way. In 2014 I have qualified as a Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Practioner which has been extremely enlightening and motivational for myself personally as well as for helping others. In 2013 I attended an ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ Workshop and sat this workshop again by the Founder, Drunvalo Melchizedek in April 2014. This is an aid to our ascension and bringing light to Mother Earth. I then attended his Cosmic Grace Workshop in 2015 which is ground-breaking scientific evidence of the energy we hold within us which is the same as the Earth, the Sun and everything in existence. I hold a vision of helping those through the current changes and difficulties in our transition to a new reality to fully conscious beings. In July 2017 I attended the first ever Angelic Reiki Beyond Masters Workshop, in the UK.  This was taught by Colleen and Glen Tucker in Glastonbury, giving us advanced healing methods for really stubborn issues that have been difficult to shift.  Colleen runs the Angelic Reiki Association and sits on the board of the BCMA (British Complementary Medical Association). I work part-time in a High School. I joined as a Maths Teaching Assistant and Sixth Form Assistant. I moved to the Art Department in 2008 and love being around the children. They have so much to teach us. I hope you enjoy browsing my website and that we share many divinely inspired moments together along life’s journey.



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