Ginny – Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer

Ginny – Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer

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Hello, my name is Ginny. I am a Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend,and a “mum” to two wondeful dogs! I am also known as many other things – Healer, Listener, Teacher, Guide. I am an intuitive healer, and a Reiki Master to assist you on you on your healing journey.

I love to share this work with others, and I work with emphasis on building an empathic and open relationship between you and I. Many people see healing as an alternative therapy which compliments orthodox treatment in helping you get well or better from illness, injury or emotional imbalance, all this is true, but Healing has a much wider scope than most people realise! Since childhood I realised that I have somewhat unusual and special abilities. I am incredibly sensitive to energy, both good and bad. I am also very aware of atmosphere and the “feeling” of a place. I now know I am a clairsentience, due to my sensitivity to energy and feelings, and it has taken me many years to fully understand and embrace my natural psychic and healing abilities, I am a natural empath, which means I have the ability to really feel what someone is going through emotionally and I am also known as a claircognience , which means I just “know” something. However, none of these things helped me when I worked in the corporate world! For many years I enjoyed a successful career working in the high powered arena of IT, I then went on to set up my own business in Sales and Marketing – again, working across the corporate field, but knowing I was a square peg in a round hole! I knew I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be doing, and when I had to close my company down due to illness, I took that as a sign to really delve into the world of vibrational energy, psychic ability and anything to do with healing – both for people and animals. Animals would seek me out – from a very early age – for me to offer comfort if they were stressed or unsure and in delving deeper into this I realised this was a calling, as even though I worked in the business world, all I have ever wanted to do was simply help animals and people feel better, and more comfortable in who they are. I have been told, and now know, that this is a natural, intuitive gift that I have, and I have worked with it and have completed many different courses and workshops to broaden my knowledge and skill set, which enables me to offer you greater support – although, over the years I have since realised that it is not ‘qualification’ but authenticity and integrity that encourages the ears and subsequently the heart to open. I was attuned to Reiki and had my natural abilities honed by my Reiki Master and Teacher, Jennie Mcdowall, and passed my Reiki Level 1,2 and 3 of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Natural Healing. I offer you intuition, compassion, love and total presence. As an experienced healer I work with you to clear those blockages – you know, the ones that make you feel lost, angry, anxious and more. Often times we have an ‘illness’ or a ‘dis-ease’ that appears to have no medical answer. The pills and potions offered often temporarily clear the immediate symptoms, but do not treat the root cause. We all also have patterns which reoccur, these could be situational, behavioural, or within our relationships, for example – healing at the spiritual level elevates suffering and illness in all these areas of life, those negative feelings that inhibit our “flow” and make us – and our animals – feel unwell and low, leading to life feeling totally off-kilter. I work with energy on various levels to help promote self healing in both you, and your animal companions. I do believe that everyone should have the chance to be the best version of themselves, and I offer balance, to heal and to harmonize. Energy healing is not faith healing – infact you do not have to believe in it for it to work! The only requirement is the desire to receive the healing energies. As a Reiki Master I work with you to bring your body and mind into a state of perfect balance, creating health and well being. Reiki brings inspiration, clarity and peace. It nurtures the body whilst soothing the soul. I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and have been a Reiki practitioner for over 6 years, a Reiki Master for 3 years and a natural, intuitive empath and healer all my life. I work with crystals when needed, as crystal energy and vibrations also work on a very deep level to heal and to calm. I run workshops on spiritual development, and courses on guided chakra meditations using crystal healing. Please contact me for further information. I give you my time as a healer, companion, guide, listener, sacred witness, coach, mentor, counsel or observer. There are times in our lives when what we need is a sacred space – a space in which to place our “stuff” for a while. Somewhere safe where there is no judgement, no expectations, just a place to be supported while we re-group, become refreshed, gather strength, and step back out into the light. So, this is me! I so look forward to meeting you.  



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