Hypnotherapy Swindon

Hypnotherapy Swindon

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Over twenty years ago I went to a local psychic for a reading, who told me that I would be a healer one day. At that time, having just started out in my first ‘proper’ job in a financial organisation, I dismissed her as being a ‘little bit mad’ – I still remember laughing about it with my friends. Some years later, I was involved in a serious car accident which had a very profound effect on me. During my recovery, I experienced many strange things which I chose to ignore. Two years after my car accident I was still struggling to get on with my life. I was given a clear choice by my GP – I could either take the antidepressants offered by him or carry on as I was, neither of these options appealed to me. I realised that I had a third choice, which was to try alternative therapies. I tried several and I was eventually directed towards Reiki – which quite literally turned my life around. My pain eased off, I slept better, I generally had more energy and enthusiasm for life. Once I’d experienced the benefits of Reiki I wanted to know more about it and how I could do Reiki for myself. I booked my first Reiki attunement for August 1999 and I haven’t looked back. Over the last fourteen years I have been attuned and worked with many forms of Reiki including Angelic Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Sekhem (Egyptian Reiki), plus expanding my toolkit by studying Hypnotherapy with the world renowned Hypnotherapist Tom Silver and attaining my practitioner level in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I passionately believe in helping people to move forward freely and easily in life by helping them let go of any unhelpful baggage, whether this be a phobia, fertility issues, weight loss, stop smoking or moving on from negative issues in this lifetime. I can even help with issues from past lives through past life regression! So much for me laughing at the Psychic – she was right all along….



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