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Jaz Bangar

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After some years of working and developing my career, I decided to invest more time in myself. I set off to go travelling around the world. Although a little daunting at first, the freedom of travelling solo, led me unexpectedly on a journey of discovery of Yoga, Reiki and Meditation. Whilst travelling in Australia, I met a Yoga Instructor in Byron Bay. Through our interaction and attending Yoga classes, my interest in Yoga resurfaced and grew stronger. In Bali, I completed the Level 1 Yoga Instructor course. Some months later I reached Pai, North Thailand. A poster in a bookshop connected me to a Reiki Teacher. I felt particularly drawn to Reiki and subsequently completed the Reiki Self-Healing & Practitioner course. Towards the end of my trip, in India, I completed a ten day Meditation and silence course called Vipassana. Initially, I struggled with sitting for long periods (and the continuous mind chatter!). However the experiences I had were incredible. In Dharamsala, I was privileged enough to meet His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. On a subsequent trip, I completed the Reiki Master course in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Over the years, I have travelled to some sacred locations, including Machu Picchu, Uluru, Angkor Wat, Varanasi, Jerusalem, Tikal and Lake Aititlan. Travelling allows me to reconnect, meet new people and learn about other cultures. I often attend health & wellness events,  and enjoy reading books on positivity and personal growth. I connect with mantras and enjoy yoga music. I do not follow any particular religious belief system.



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