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I believe in using complementary therapies as a way to take control of our own health. I am particularly drawn to them because they tend to be more natural and treat the individual as a whole rather than just a disease or condition. I love to approach health from as many different angles as possible and try to get to the root of the problem rather than just treating symptoms. I believe that providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to heal is as important as the therapies themselves.

From a young age I have been interested in complementary therapies such as therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, reiki, crystals and stress management, and then healthy eating and juicing.

My health deteriorated in my twenties when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  I suffered with debilitating fatigue, anxiety, weight gain and hair loss.  I was determined to find a natural solution which would allow me to start a family without taking the drugs that my Doctor was recommending.

I studied Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimal Nutrition (ION) in London, and applied what I had learned to my own situation.  I also incorporated other therapies including Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualisation, Chinese and Western Herbalism and Acupuncture.  My son was born a couple of years later and was soon followed by my daughter – no drugs required!

Since having my family I have become increasingly interested in the Mind-Body Connection, Meditation and Yoga, and have trained in Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching and Reiki. I am currently completing a Diploma in Crystal Therapy.

While it is my firm belief that eating well is the cornerstone of good health, it is not the whole answer. Taking the time to manage stress and take care of your emotional and spiritual needs are just as important, and ignoring them can hold you back.

I’m passionate about my wellbeing and about helping others to find the path to their own health, emotional and spiritual goals.



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