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Since a young age I have always been aware of different energies around me, feeling subtle vibrations and sensations all around me that I played with as a kid only to now realise what I was experiencing. This has lead me on a journey of discovery, looking into all sort of areas to try to figure out what I was feeling and explain how I felt. It has led me to explore the likes of Theology, Mysticism and into the fields of quantum physics and back to life itself, not only does it allow me to grow and discover new ways to use this energy. It has sent me down the privileged road to become a reiki practitioner; to help people, for their higher good using the reiki life-force energy. Working on a wide range of clients from Anxiety, Depression, Bereavmeant, pains from new and old injuries and even recovery. I have also worked along with other reiki healers helping them to grow spiritually. Working with Reiki has allowed me to really understand how the body works and the connection with the mind body and spirit. The Unity of the mind body and spirit is something that for so many years, we have been treating them as separate things, although now with the instruments in science we have today. Allows us to see how important each one is and how it all works together. Every major organ in the body has a direct link with the nervous system. Connecting them all back to the brain. When we look at this and the effects of stress on the body. Stress that we create in the mind through thoughts. We see now that 98% of illnesses are mind related. How we use the mind is key. The mind alone is such a powerful tool it helps create balance and harmony with the mind body and spirit. Reiki allows me to connect to the Reiki life force energy and works directly around on balancing and harmonise the body’s Etheric energy body. During this process the patient can relax in a mediative state allowing reiki to go where its needed.



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