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Psychic Assistance

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I am a London based Reiki Master, Spirit Release Practitioner with The Spirit Release Forum, trained in space clearing in the environment and a volunteer with the Spiritual Crisis Network. The current career path originated in the nineties with a major change of direction with the pursuit of a degree by independent study as a mature student.   It was while studying this that I encountered other alternative outlooks on life and first became aware of the subtle realms of being and nature that permeate the so called “Physical reality” I studied Reiki to Level Two in the style offered at the time by Dr Allan Sweeny. I later encountered the works of Rudolf Steiner which opened the door to an understanding of the elemental realms and their inhabitants and a vast array of other subjects too. It was during this period that I became a dowser with an interest in earth energies and landscape healing. Facing my own impending potential life crisis, ten years ago, caused me to look beyond the apparent causes of the physical symptoms and to seek out the emotional and spiritual deeper core issues that help to aggravate the physical manifestations that come out as the illnesses of the body. The Spirit Release insights lead to an understanding of some of the causes, which when linked to the emotion code work of Dr Bradley Nelson, which give us methods for working on these identified issues.  The Reiki training, in the form of a complete from scratch re-training to Reiki master in Grecian Reiki, then comes in and gives access to the appropriate toolkit for use with the resolution of some these findings. The features of detrimental energetic states you are living amongst can also affect a person. This division of the work is offered separately or in tandem with the SRF work and is from the training gained with the Ex vice chair of the British Society of Dowsers in Space Clearing Procedures, for dealing with the many sources of so called geopathic stress. As I have had an interest and practical applied experience of landscape healing work for over twenty years, it was logical to proceed towards evolving this ability for practical application in connection with client specific needs. The interest in volunteering for the Spiritual Crisis Network came from meeting a number of people (socially and through work) who had personal experience of a spiritual emergency or knew somebody who had gone through a recent “nervous breakdown” scenario, where this was an actual full blown spiritual awakening. This prompted the urgent need to do research into this for potential clients in desperate need of help with this specific issue. The nature of some of these crisis episodes is actually a spiritual emergence rather than just a spiritual emergency, a situation understood by the founder members and co-workers of this organisation. The intention is to be a volunteer with this organisation, offering email and telephone support to those requiring it. This of course also then leads into the possibility of such contacts then exploring their situation further with the application SRF methods I am offering to their condition during their recovery if they wanted to. I am qualified and insured in the areas of assistance I am offering so my certification will be available for viewing upon request.



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