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As a young child I was in contact with many spiritual people in particular an old aunt who was a spirit medium, whenever I stayed with her she encouraged me to be with her when she was working and she also helped me to understand the workings of spirit. This was a shortcut when I was fostered out to a family who were very heavily into a strict religious sect. All through my time with them I had many experiences with spirit and in my 20s I left the church, which was a very hard decision, because it meant losing all of my family and friends at that time. I embarked on my spiritual journey, first I joined a spiritualist church and was initially recognized as a healer, then spirit message came through to me in my healing session and I was told by the church that this was wrong in what I had received. How could this be? I could not understand it and decided to trust my own instincts and my own connection with spirit. So again I was leaving another support system, and found my own way with the help of my spirit guides. From then on I went from strength to strength, working with my own clients for psychic and spiritual readings and of course healing. I trained in Reiki both Usui and Karuna , Colour therapy, Shamanism, Aura reading and Chakra balancing. Eventually I trained others in Reiki and this became a source of great joy to me. In 2006 and moved to Turkey, I studied ancient religions visiting many ancient sites including many associated with the Knights Templars. During this time due to circumstances beyond my control I lost my home, most of my possessions, and almost my life! The time I had in Turkey was a great test of my faith but many lessons albeit difficult ones, were learnt along the way. I returned to Scotland in 2011 and immediately was overwhelmed by the instant return of my past clients. It seemed that I was not forgotten, and spirit was encouraging me to once again make myself available for the service of others.



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