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Reiki with Fern

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My journey began back in 2008. For some time I’d been thinking about studying Swedish Massage. I cannot tell you why other than it just kept making an appearance in my life. I eventually decided to act on this and was accepted into a local college only to find myself feeling very disappointed with the college and lecturers. Something just didn’t feel right, so despite having waited a whole year to do the course I declined their offer. I was left feeling lost, not knowing why I was here on earth or what path I should take. Months passed by and I spent every day trying to find a career path that I would find satisfying, something that I would enjoy as well as making others feel good about themselves. Then one day at work I happened to mention to a friend of mine about how I’d wanted to become a massage therapist. This led the conversation towards a friend of his who is a Reiki Practitioner, amongst other things. Something sparked inside of me. I’d heard of Reiki but I knew nothing about it. I’ve always been a fairly spiritual person so that’s when my research into Reiki began. Not before long I’d found myself a Reiki Master and I was on my way to a better life! A life of love.



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