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I believe that if everyone learnt how to use Reiki healing, we would all be a great deal healthier and happier. I am continually amazed at the different ways that Reiki can help people and I have used it myself regularly since I became initiated into the system in 2004. So I have many years of experience with Reiki and can help you explore it’s potential to help you with physical, mental/emotional or spiritual problems. For chronic and long standing conditions, the healing process can take longer and of course there are no guaranteed outcomes but you will feel improvement, especially if you are prepared to take an active part in your own healing process. For self development, Reiki is an invaluable tool and a fantastic way to start your exploration of energy healing. Reiki is also a way to develop your innate psychic/intuitive potential and I have supported my own development by attending many courses at the College of Psychic Studies (aka London Hogwarts) so as a teacher and reader I can assist you in understanding your particular strengths and gifts as they emerge. People are becoming more empathic (able to feel/sense other’s people’s emotions) and this can be very unbalancing if not recognised and acknowledged. Reiki can help you to navigate and manage this ability more successfully and help you feel more balanced and centred in your day to day life. I am inspired by my love of flowers and the natural world and ways in which clients can benefit from natural remedies and approaches to health. There are more products and services coming onto the market now that realise our deep need to be in harmony with nature and not cause any harm to the planet or ourselves. Many enlightened companies are giving up animal testing and the old way of doing business. New companies are emerging that share in the good health they are creating and are no longer motivated by greed or gain but by a genuine desire to help make our world a better place. Many of us are making a stand against the huge corporations who seek to dominate and control our food supply and contaminate what we eat by the use of GMO. We are starting to really appreciate the value of organic, locally grown produce and want to leave behind the bland, tasteless supermarket vegetables and fruits that are mass produced and imported from halfway around the world. I am a great supporter of animal rights and feel that humanity as a whole is starting to realise their ancient role as guardians to the planet and its creatures. The animal kingdom has much to teach us and it is my belief that only by viewing animals as beings equal to ourselves and not ones to control and dominate, that humanity will really start to heal on a collective level.


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