Sacred Energy Method

Sacred Energy Method

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Dhanu Le Noury is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach specialising in emotional wounding including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, codependency, addiction, but covers absolutely everything for adults and children. Dhanu is part of the Q’ero Inka nation ancient linage after qualifying with the world’s most renowned energy medicine school, The Four Winds’ ‘Light Body School’, founded by Dr Alberto Villoldo – see Practitioner Directory and has received the energetic transmission Rites of the Munay-Ki to heal wounds of the past and upgrade the luminous energy field, and is a full mesa carrier of the Q’ero Inka nation under Dr Alberto Villoldo and his shamans. To further compliment her work, Dhanu is currently studying Dr Gabor Mate’s 12-Month Addiction Recovery Counselling Programme, “Compassionate Enquiry”, to enable her to also specialise in energy medicine for addiction recovery – see Addiction Recovery, something which is close to her heart. Dhanu is also a Reiki Master Student (registered with the UK Reiki Federation), a Master Integrative Wellness & Life Coach with IWA Coaching and Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development to Advanced Post-Graduate level and holds various qualifications in NLP, Sound & Frequency Engineering, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui and Essential Oils.  She was born and raised in the communes of the controversial guru, Osho, as a young child between the UK and India where he named her ‘Dhanu’, meaning ‘Loving Rainbow’ in Sanyas, and since then has lived mostly in the Channel Islands, UK with a passion for anything rainbow, including the chakra system and the rainbow body. Dhanu spent the majority of her childhood exploring sacred sites in the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Sark) collecting stones, minerals and crystals, and exploring the energetic world.  As a young adult, Dhanu travelled to sacred sites including pyramids, tombs, temples, monasteries, energy vortexes and ancient ruins, any places imbued with sacred power in order to experience the energy grids which she is naturally drawn to in honouring spirit. Through her love of universal beings, Dhanu is strongly dedicated to personal transformation and being a catalyst for healing.  With 20+ years’ experience in corporate environments, Dhanu also has an excellent understanding of the balance required between business professionals and a holistic lifestyle. Individual sessions with Dhanu last for approximately 90 minutes and cost £145 per single session or £375 for 3 sessions – although one session promotes a huge energetic shift, clients are encouraged to commit to at least 3 sessions in order to achieve significantly deeper and lasting results.  Sessions are held either in-person (in Guernsey), or distance sessions via Skype or Zoom.  The nature of this work is not bound by physical distance or space. Please contact Dhanu by email, briefly detailing the healing you would like to work on and to arrange a 15-minute phone consultation to find out of this type of healing is suitable for your requirements.



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