Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy with Izabella Siodmak

Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy with Izabella Siodmak Claimed

Supporting individuals & couples to heal trauma, ptsd, attachment wounds and relationship conflicts

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SUPPORTING INDIVIDUALS & COUPLES TO HEAL: * Trauma & PTSD * Relationship Conflict * Attachments Wounds * Improve Emotional Management in order to feel Safe, Secure & Confident WITH SOMATIC (BODY) PSYCHOTHERAPY a powerful combination of traditional psycho-analytic talk therapy with specific therapeutic body movements and expressions that leave you feeling more ease, flow and connection. SOMATIC (BODY) PSYCHOTHERAPY IS HIGHLY SUITABLE FOR Healing Emotional Trauma, Enhancing Emotional Management, Improving your Responses to Challenges and Accessing a More Wholesome You. “Izabella’s work in this area is nothing short of profound. I have had 3 sessions and the difference I feel in my body is like nothing I have EVER experienced before. I highly recommend her work. She is wonderful – JUST DO IT!” Kylie Welsh “I would like to acknowledge the incredible work that Izabella Siodmak is doing with me. I am moving towards a better way of being. Izabella is incredible, her gentle and insightful presence is a wonderful way to release all my trapped ‘stuff’ that clouds my authentic self shining through and moving forward. I can fully recommend sessions with Izabella. I feel safe and I let go.” Amanda Hogg “Izabella is amazing. She targets the emotional and physical blocks to get the depression and anxiety out of my mind and body. I feel lighter and clearer after each session with her, and it lasts. Izabella really has saved my life in recent months, and I’m so grateful that I have her to help me get past traumas out of my mind, heart and body for good.” Sally Douglas


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