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Discover Your Life Purpose

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Do You Wonder…

“Why am I here?

What is my Life Purpose?

Does My Soul Have a Plan?”

Do the same patterns keep repeating themselves?

Are you at a cross roads not sure which way to go?

Would you like to explore the deeper parts of yourself?

Soul Plan introduces an entirely new and fascinating way of seeing our lives based on the names we use.

Individual Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan is a powerful and accurate system of life / soul analysis with its foundation based on the birth name. If we acknowledge that letters, words have an energy and vibration then we can see that our name may indeed affect our life’s journey.

From a Soul Plan view as these sounds ripple out they create the individual human identity and with that the potential challenges (life lessons), talents (abilities), goals and Soul Destiny (core essence) – the Soul’s Plan!

Having a Soul Plan Reading gives you an explanation of your life to date and shows your highest potential.

Discovering and aligning with one’s Soul Plan can be very healing, empowering and transformative. Often it serves as an activation point for transition, carving a way forwards as you connect with the self at a deeper level, confirming your Soul’s journey.

Soul Plan is not about creating some new, improved ‘Super’ character, it is about remembering and embodying who you really are.

There are many layers to Soul Plan; As well as being a guiding tool for living this life to the full it can be a significant catalyst in realising our true nature.

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