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Hi I’m Carrie, mum, wife, ACHO crystal therapist, reiki master teacher, meditation leader and the founder of this alternative, holistic healthcare. I have always been drawn to work with people and growing up, people naturally confided in me. From an early age I wanted to travel and see the world and bring meaning to my life, I wanted to help both myself and help others grow to be the best that they could be. My spiritual path has spanned many countries and cultures from Asia, Europe, America and Australasia. I have been interested passionately in indigenous cultures, alternative medicine, Astrology, child development, relationships and parenting to name but a few subjects and have been blessed to experience many wonderful people and energies along the way. My favourite part of the world is New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean. The Cook Islands are beautiful, and the local Sunday Gospel Choir took me to church! Currently, I am based in Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, the town where I grew up. I work from home and in the community. During my career I have worked with disadvantaged families, alongside the Police, Social Care, Education, Youth Offending, Voluntary and Statutory Services. I have worked in schools and run Youth Inclusion Programs and Family Support Services. I have also worked with children that have ADHD, ADD and have emotional difficulties. Moreover, I have worked with individuals and families that have hit rock bottom, and have experienced at first hand, the upheaval that can unfold in people’s lives and its devastating consequences. Conversely, I have experienced many positive situations in which people have managed to turn their lives around. These experiences have led me to study complementary therapies to ultimately help people and children to fully heal from their wounds. Healing isn’t about fixing the person, it’s about guiding and facilitating that person to feel, forgive, heal and to evolve. When we rid ourselves of unwanted baggage, unravel what we have been taught, think and believe in ourselves, and understand our own emotions, feelings and thoughts, we become happier, more compassionate and adopt a serene, loving state of being. Working with energy to release blockages, balance emotional states and release past, present and future ties, is however, not an easy process. As a result of our endeavours, however, we can rebuild, rejuvenate and unlock our potential. Thus, empowered we can bloom and thrive. Having gained the skills to harness positive energy to support both individuals and families out of stressful situations, I feel that I am a very blessed woman and know my work will greatly support many people, families and children who want to experience energy work to help support them through their troubles and help relieve their stress. I hold a BA in Child Development and Youth Studies, I am trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and welcome anyone who wants to try Reiki, Crystal Therapy or learn Meditation to try and combat their deepest feelings, feel better and obtain a calmer state of mind. I work both with individuals and in workshops, with small groups. I promise I won’t bite. Life is a journey, we are all on it, and self-growth never stops, even for me. Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to have a chat or answer any questions you may have. Much love, light and gratitude, Carrie.



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