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I’m trained as a Reiki Master Practitioner and apart of the UK Reiki Federation. I was taught the Usui system of natural healing, which was passed onto me by Dr Usui and my lineage can be traced back to him. I stay grounded by attending a spiritual circle every week, which keep’s my skill set current and allows me to continue my spiritual development. In the past I was exposed to issues that effected my mind and body (personally/professionally), which lead me to ask “How do we balance the two?”. For years I could not find the answer, perhaps because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to receive or accept the knowledge that was about to be bestowed upon me. Then one day when I was feeling particularly low I went to see a spiritual councillor, for advise on matters of the heart. Whilst speaking to her, one of the questions she asked was “What I really wanted out of life?” I answered without hesitation “I’ve always wanted to help people, it doesn’t matter if they’re friends, family or complete strangers”. This is where Reiki was introduced to me and after rushing home so I could research on it more I discovered that this was the answer I’d been seeking all these years. I know knew that balancing our mind and body could be achieved through Reiki healing, and this is were my journey began in helping myself and others. As a Reiki practitioner I’ve been asked to treat a variety of illness, whether it be mental or physical. These include stressanxietydepressionpanic attacksinsomniahigh blood pressurediabetesmigrainesbodily achesperiod problems and many more. Through Reiki all the above conditions were improved considerably. I get a great sense of fulfilment by being able to help others, hence why I always look forward to meeting my clients as we not only discuss the issues they have but the solutions they can put in place to help themselves. Their feedback is normally of peace they have never felt before, a feeling of clarity and being re-energised. Through the power of Reiki, I’ve found a new outlook on life and hope that the same inner peace I have gained is bestowed upon you.



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