Reiki is an holistic system of healing that works on the four main levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
It is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and can be used to complement all other medical or therapeutic techniques.

The Benefits of have a healing with Reiki session are said to
Promote Health And Wellbeing

Helps With Pain Management

Releases Stress & Tension

Relieves Depression and reduce anxiety

Aids deep Relaxation

Improves Sleep

Helps with Digestion

Strengthens Self-Esteem

Heightens Self-Awareness & Intuition

Offers Support For Substance Abuse Recovery

Crystal Healing
By placing a stone of the appropriate colour on each of your chakra area, this will give each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the overall harmony of the system.
It is believed that the interaction between the stones and chakras will return the chakra into healthy vibration, therefore healing the part of the body which are affected.


Spiritual healing is not based on any religion. Spiritual healing is a therapy and spiritualism is a religion.
Although religion is not brought into my healing I would however stress no qualified healer should dismiss a patients beliefs. I have my own private beliefs, and that’s how they’ll stay .. Private.

Treatments focus on curing symptoms. For example, medications are used to treat symptoms of depression and pain. Treatments can be beneficial in acute situations. However, long-term reliance on only treatment can inhibit healing, create a dependence on the treatment and even create additional illness and disease. For example, antibacterial medications often create an imbalance in the gut.

Healing goes beyond medical treatment. It includes spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures and other interventions. Healing requires digging deeper into why you got a bacterial infection in the first place and why you have depression and pain.

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