'Limbo' of Broken Dreams

‘Limbo’ of Broken Dreams

You have to kill your past by doing new things, by enjoying new things and by creating new memories with new thrilling adventures, venturing out in the territories previously unknown and that scare you a bit.

When you don’t destroy your past by creating new memories, then you are stuck in a limbo. A limbo of your past memories, heartbreaks, broken expectations and shattered dreams. You are going to be stuck there. Never to come out again.

The only way out is the way in. The only way out of your dreams not pestering you, is by fulfilling them. Because, what you resist, persists. What you couldn’t achieve, will always come back again to ask you ‘Why?’ Make sure you don’t have to face that again and again.

Make sure that you don’t live your life in vain that you have lots of regrets in your deathbed.

It is compulsory to move forward. If you don’t, then life will make you and force you to do so when it rears it ugly head. Make sure you don’t have to go through that. Make sure that you comply just in time. You always have to comply with life. So why not sooner than later?

Why not with consent than with coercion?

Life is movement. Life is flow. Life is a flux.

Life is continuous change and the time bomb is always ticking away. Never to stop. You are ageing and even your biological clock is. Well, the truth is – You don’t have time. You don’t have time. You think you do, but you don’t.

You had the smarts to make it through to this one so you will be able to carry forward with your instincts alone. Don’t bother about your ‘knowing’ or ‘not – knowing’. You know everything. You just need the courage and the self-confidence needed to apply it and once you start, you build on that momentum. Once you have entered, once given a break, there should be no looking back. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Disclaimer: When you don’t do this. When you shy away, shrink from the every opportunity life throws at you to mend it, then the life – sustaining force or the magnetic field around you start to eat on you instead, killing you, degrading you, to the point of mental insanity and then slow and painful death.

So always believe in your power, live your power and live in your eternal now, seizing the moment or rather, grabbing the bull by its horns. Always attacking and playing on the front foot. Never imagine, pray for, hope or make life easy for yourself. Never. Never ever do that. Just keep facing all your troubles, all your problems and all your struggles. Be a karma yogi. Dispense your actions with utmost care, to the best of your knowledge every day, every minute, and every hour. Never ever stop.

Even if the mountains fell upon you, your arms and your shoulders should be strong enough to lift its boulders and throw them apart. One after the other.

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