Werika was created as a space to facilítate inner-growth and the development of consciousness. It is a place to explore, learn, and go deeper into yourself through a variety of spiritual gatherings, arts and traditions. The specialty at Werika is to provide an intimate and supportive space for human development and a re-connection to our ancestral traditions via ceremonial spaces around the fire, temazcal, and holistic therapies.”Awaken Appalachia is a private and secluded detox retreat center nestled in the ancient Appalachian mountains only five miles outside of Boone North Carolina. Hosting group and personal juice fasting retreats , fascilitating natural auto healing processes from experts in the juice and naturopathy fields. Enjoy yoga, pranayama, cleansing massage, hiking and nature immersion all while detoxing and fasting on the most nutrient dense juice on the planet !Inspired Retreat has three stunning locations in Mexico. Alegre – a beachfront, luxury villa with a surf break right outside. It is equipped with an infra-red sauna, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a vibration place, biomats, tennis court and pool. inspired-retreats.com/alegre Amapas – a collection of modern villas nestled in the jungle with ocean views. It has a yoga shala with stunning jungle and ocean views and private plunge pools in each villa. inspired-retreats.com/amapas Coco – an incredible beachfront property on the colorful Isla Mujeres. Enjoy a 20 person roof top yoga shala with ocean views and a sprawling lawn that leads on to the ocean and turquoise waters.The retreat is an exclusive property in one of Spain´s most sought-after seaside areas. With 15 newly renovated en suite rooms. Just outside your rooms is the swimming pool for the relaxing evenings. Most rooms are twin however there are a few double rooms, all with views of the pool. Here enjoy detox, yoga and workouts with the Villa resort and on the beach nearby. NutriTrim Retreats are run by Sharon, A qualified nutritionist, making sure you eat healthy throughout your stay.We also offer workshops periodically for those who have a calling to learn about your spiritual self to raise your consciousness so you can see more clear what you are meant to do in your life,( finding your life’s purpose) , to be in touch with yourself again as you once did when you were very young. Guided meditations are available daily also some light exercises like Falun Dafa and the Five Tibetan rites. There are some amazing detox programs to help you cleanse your mind body and spirit. For example water fasting, Dry fasting, and Juicing. All great for weight loss, cleansing the body from toxins and diseases. The 11 day process is an intense body mind and spiritcleansing program. A life changing experience, details below.   The benefits seemed too good to be true. > Never get hungry again… > You can eat for fun if you want to, but you’ll never have to again. > Sleep only 4-5 hours a night and have constant energy during the day and to top it off… > Have a constant incredible “high speed” connection to your higher-self, and crystal     clear clarity of your life purpose and mission.Khaama Kethna – The Lord of The Land it’s a beautiful ecological well-being retreat Center provides a secluded jungle sanctuary that encourages withdrawal into the solitude and serenity of nature from this modern, hectic world – ideal for inner work and healing. It’s situated 5 km from the ocean. Sleeping in the lush surrounding jungle and waking to the sound of the birds, provides deep healing and rejuvenation by reconnecting with your ‘natural internal clock’ which urges us to rise early with the sun and rest with the setting of the sun. Simple living, in nature and without modern luxuries provides the space to ‘detox’ from our daily routines and conditioning. Within this stillness and simplicity that nature provides, we have time to go within, arriving closer to our true being.Chirapa is a perfect place for developing and enjoing Personal Wellness in harmony with nature. It´s a beautiful space integrated with nature with natural constructions and eco-technology. Completelly surounded by tropical forest and with unique views over the river Cumbaza inspiring and transformative stay. In Chirapa Manta, you can enjoy amazing views of the Andean Amazon Tropic from a friendly environment.Hacienda del Sol is a boutique eco-luxury wellness retreat and spa specializing in detoxes, cleansing, yoga and mindful fitness programs.Iboga treatment can be a very effective addiction interrupter, whether for opiate-based (heroin, methadone, Oxycontin etc.) or stimulant based (cocaine, crack, meth etc) forms of substance abuse, as well as for alcoholism.  Iboga is also effective in combatting depression, PTSD and OCD and is also a powerful alternative to ayahuasca in terms of psycho-spiritual journeying. At Iboga Tree Healing House*, our first priority is safety.  Very few ibogaine providers operate in a truly medicalised setting. In contrast, we have a fully qualified in-house medical doctor and fully qualified nurses.  All our medical team are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified.  Our pre-treatment screening and rigorously followed exclusion criteria ensure that only those assessed as healthy enough for an ibogaine journey go forward for treatment.   In addition, our clients are monitored during treatment 24/7, with continuous ECG measurement. Aside from safety, we also prioritise a holistic treatment process.  This means we offer pre and post treatment counselling as well as a wide range of holistic treatments before and after your iboga journey (holotropic breathwork, equine therapy, yoga, bodywork, kambo etc.)  This is to ensure that you set the right intention before your treatment and prepare body, soul and mind for a new life after you leave us. Finally, we aim to be as affordable as possible, despite our high staff-patient ratio.  All our meals are prepared by our expert vegetarian chef, and there are over 9 hectares of grounds to explore.  Our retreat is in a dark-sky area and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.  Each Sunday, we take our guests out for an activity, whether kayaking in the Guadiana river, hiking, boat trips, zip-lining or visiting the nearby ancient stone circle. Our minimum stay is for 7 days, although a stay of at least 14 days is recommended.  We are located just two hours from Lisbon airport in a beautiful Alentejo countryside setting – we pick you up and drop you off.Offering an exquisite blend of boutique luxury with home from home comfort, Quinta Jacintina hotel is located in the heart of the Algarve’s ‘Golden Triangle’, nestled between the upmarket areas of Quinta Do Lago and Vale Do Lobo, just a brief 15 minute transfer from Faro airport and 10 minutes walk from the Algarve’s famous beaches. The hotel features 10 luxurious, individually designed bedrooms and one Stunning “Personal Jacuzzi” executive suite with personal balcony and sitting room. Dining Al Fresco OR on the odd occasion when the weather turns, we have a beautiful indoor dining room. With beautifully manicured gardens, plenty of spaces to just chillax, switch off and get into a good book, or dive into our heated swimming pool and get some cardio in! Our dedicated SPA room includes a complete range of body, massage and nail care treatments, whether it be deep tissue massage, reflexology or our famous DETOX Mud Therapy with Softpac.
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