Zensational will take care of all your Reiki, vibrational sound therapy and psychic needs! Come to Zensational to receive a psychic reading and find the answers you’ve been looking for. You can come to Miki for: Chakra balancing Aromatherapy products Crystals and tumbled stones New age products Reiki healing and Vibrational sound services Each client I work with will get a specialized session using whatever tools I need to use from my “energy toolbox”. I’ll listen and work with Spirit to do my best for each one of my clients.Psychic Medium Yolanta Meri connects you to the love, healing and validation your unique Loved Ones in Spirit want to communicate with you.Mary-Anne Kennedy is one of Canada’s top Psychic Mediums. This busy mom-of-two is a published author with New York-based publishing house Library Tales Publishing and is an acclaimed spiritual educator. Mary-Anne founded the School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies; a premiere teaching centre for spiritual studies based in Hillsburgh, Ontario. Star of her show Ghosts of Dufferin County & Beyond, and featured as a guest and expert contributor with several television and radio shows, media publishings, and consultations for such prestigious organizations as The Stratford Festival, Mary-Anne’s professional contributions to the metaphysical community are extensive. Additional to being one of the most sought-after Mediums in Canada, Mary-Anne works with groups and individuals in soul-based coaching and various aspects of spiritual and personal development.Tracy Farquhar is a world-renowned psychic medium, channel, author and teacher, offering private psychic and mediumship readings online and by phone. She is the author of two channeled books, Channeled Messages from Deep Space, co-authored with NY Times bestselling author Mike Dooley and published by Hay House, and Frank Talk. Tracy teaches psychic development classes and workshops including her signature Vibrational Awareness program, is a Certified Infinite Possibilities instructor and leads various workshops, retreats and channeled sessions, all with the intention to uplift, empower and offer guidance and clarity to her clients.
From a very early age I knew there was something very different about my world. Being so young I didn’t quite understand why people around me couldn’t see, feel or hear my special friends, so I choose to keep quiet in fear of ridicule. As I grew in years, spirit drew closer until it became impossible to ignore them. I decided to take a leap of faith and searched to educate myself to remove any “fear of the unknown” that still lurked in the back of my mind. It was revealed to me as a adult that I indeed was following in my Great Grandmothers footsteps, my father’s words to me completely out of the blue one day were “your great Nan Nellie used to do what you do now”, he went on to explain how “spirituality knowing” she was, this explained much more as Nellie and I had a special connection on earth, before she passed when I was a child, however the special connection lives on. As I opened and explored this wonderful path the deeper my understanding grew, where there became no difference between our worlds, complete trust and love in my guides prevailed. My own spiritual path has prepared me to guide others on theirs, helping to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with our spirit friends and all life. As I progressed as a psychic medium, giving messages of love and guidance from spirit, I was guided myself by spirit of course to sooth people’s pain be it emotional, mental or physical. So I wandered into the healing fields and couldn’t stop myself from learning more and more…… So here I find myself in the present time, guiding, healing and enhancing where I can, enabling beautiful souls to progress and transform their human lives now with the help of my wonderful spirit guides, their unconditional love and energy.
I am a London based Reiki Master, Spirit Release Practitioner with The Spirit Release Forum, trained in space clearing in the environment and a volunteer with the Spiritual Crisis Network. The current career path originated in the nineties with a major change of direction with the pursuit of a degree by independent study as a mature student.   It was while studying this that I encountered other alternative outlooks on life and first became aware of the subtle realms of being and nature that permeate the so called “Physical reality” I studied Reiki to Level Two in the style offered at the time by Dr Allan Sweeny. I later encountered the works of Rudolf Steiner which opened the door to an understanding of the elemental realms and their inhabitants and a vast array of other subjects too. It was during this period that I became a dowser with an interest in earth energies and landscape healing. Facing my own impending potential life crisis, ten years ago, caused me to look beyond the apparent causes of the physical symptoms and to seek out the emotional and spiritual deeper core issues that help to aggravate the physical manifestations that come out as the illnesses of the body. The Spirit Release insights lead to an understanding of some of the causes, which when linked to the emotion code work of Dr Bradley Nelson, which give us methods for working on these identified issues.  The Reiki training, in the form of a complete from scratch re-training to Reiki master in Grecian Reiki, then comes in and gives access to the appropriate toolkit for use with the resolution of some these findings. The features of detrimental energetic states you are living amongst can also affect a person. This division of the work is offered separately or in tandem with the SRF work and is from the training gained with the Ex vice chair of the British Society of Dowsers in Space Clearing Procedures, for dealing with the many sources of so called geopathic stress. As I have had an interest and practical applied experience of landscape healing work for over twenty years, it was logical to proceed towards evolving this ability for practical application in connection with client specific needs. The interest in volunteering for the Spiritual Crisis Network came from meeting a number of people (socially and through work) who had personal experience of a spiritual emergency or knew somebody who had gone through a recent “nervous breakdown” scenario, where this was an actual full blown spiritual awakening. This prompted the urgent need to do research into this for potential clients in desperate need of help with this specific issue. The nature of some of these crisis episodes is actually a spiritual emergence rather than just a spiritual emergency, a situation understood by the founder members and co-workers of this organisation. The intention is to be a volunteer with this organisation, offering email and telephone support to those requiring it. This of course also then leads into the possibility of such contacts then exploring their situation further with the application SRF methods I am offering to their condition during their recovery if they wanted to. I am qualified and insured in the areas of assistance I am offering so my certification will be available for viewing upon request.Each term we have weekly talks and demonstrations hosted by respected authorities on a broad range of subjects. Over the years, our audiences have told us how our wide variety of talks and demonstrations has opened doors for them to explore new areas of thought. The College was founded in 1884 by a group of eminent scholars and scientists. Its purpose was to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were such a topic of debate in the Victorian era. With great courage, this group of distinguished people, some notable in science, others from within the ranks of the Anglican clergy, defied the prevailing canons of respectability in order to proclaim to a world of increasing materialism that human personality survives bodily death and that this is capable of demonstration. In 1925 the freehold of our existing premises at 16 Queensberry Place, South Kensington was purchased using donations from those who, in their war bereavement, had received consolation from the knowledge and experience of mediumship and spiritualism. The College President at that time was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. As one of the oldest establishments of its kind, the nature of our work has evolved to incorporate a more general and widely-based exploration of consciousness beyond matter. The core of our studies retains a strong focus on the development and understanding of mediumship, psychic ability and healing, as well as the growing capacity of science to explain and explore these phenomena. The College has accumulated a fine collection of specialist books, photographs and documents which have been used and studied by generations of scholars. It also has a distinguished catalogue of artwork from prominent spirit artists including Ethel Le Rossignol and Georgiana Houghton. We continue to build on what has uniquely gone before, and welcome the perceived truths of all spiritual and related traditions and each and every individual. The values on which we focus in the College lectures, workshops and courses are devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of these truths.Born in Essex in 1970, Nicky was the grand daughter of a seventh son of a seventh son paternal side from the East end of London. Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by spirit people, had premonitions, psychic dreams, heard mysterious voices and received regular visitations. She thought this was the norm and that everybody could do what she did. Due to her career as a Police Detective, her mediumship sadly took a back seat, but always bubbled away in the background consisting of doing readings for people during the evenings from the age of 21. She had no idea about Spiritualist Churches and Development Circles. However on a fateful summer evening three weeks after she had been medically retired in 2003, her whole world was turned around. The spirit world had big plans for her. For no reason whatsoever she decided to attend an evening of clairvoyance at a local hall in Rayleigh. Nicky had never been to one of these nights but felt she had to go. During the demonstration by the mediums, she saw three men reflected in a large window. She looked to see where they were standing in the hall and realised they didn’t exist. One of the men then waved at her and then told her their names and how they had passed. The three spirit people turned out to be relatives of the medium on stage, Nicky was then invited by that medium to join a development circle, two years after this, due to public demand, Nicky had no choice but to become a full time professional working medium. Since 2005 she has travelled throughout Europe and the whole of the UK demonstrating her amazing gift, including touring with Colin Fry and attending shared stage venues with Derek Acorah, Ross Bartlett,Most Haunted, Stephen Holbrook. It was not long before Nicky started to be asked to do television programmes as well as a multitude of radio interviews both in the Uk, US and Europe. She has is a triple columnist as THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE in FATE AND FORTUNE MAGAZINE, DIARY OF A PSYCHIC in SPIRIT AND DESTINY MAGAZINE UK and AUSTRALIA and freelance writer in all of the most well known Spiritual magazines including, Haunted Magazine, Fate and Fortune, Prediction, Woman’s Own, Chat it’s Fate, Spirit and destiny, Psychic news, Eternal Spirit… Television has included two series of Angels with Gloria Hunniford, Come dine with Me, Live from Studio Five, A sister’s loss, Sky Documentary, Street Seer…. She also tutors throughout the country in workshops and residential spiritual retreats. She has two guided meditation CDs SOUL JOURNEY and MEETING YOUR GUIDES She is also very shortly due to publish her first much anticipated book M.E Myself and I: Diary of a Psychic. Awards Best radio show ‘Angels’ – Haunted Devon FM

Passionate about Empowering women to be who they really are!

I work intuitively with my skills and abilities to gain the most out of the session.  To also share my knowledge and spread awareness that you can glimpse back to the past and preview the future or connect to your inner child to gain insight, knowledge, wisdom   and healing.

Whichever therapy you choose, you will be empowered to be more confident that you are on the right path or be given the confidence to change it. This would be healing in itself by giving you a sense of empowerment, well-being, strength and acknowledgement of your purpose.

You can discover and recover the memories that have been hidden from your conscious self about your past and the future you had already planned before you were born.

I Trained in Hypnotherapy with Dr Keith Hearne of The European College of Hypnotherapy in London.  I also trained in Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression with Dr Keith Hearne of The College for Past Life Studies in London, qualifying in 1999.

 Member of ‘The Hypnotherapy Association’ since 1999.

Registered with the C.N.H.C. for Hypnotherapy

A facilitator of workshops and groups incl; Visualisations, Journeying, Regressions and Progressions in Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bournemouth and Glastonbury,

Currently I am available for online, distant, absent sessions for;

Inner Child Healing

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Past Life Regression

Future Life Progression

Dimension Projection

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