We are a sanctuary for life, good will and harmony in El Salvador. Every aspect of design was made to mimick and honor nature; resulting in an productive and abundant system that intends to compliment local microclimates and ecosystems. The result is a nurturing and life giving environment, not only for humans, but for the countless life forms that live with and around us and the land. Permaculture We use these principles and theories of permaculture in the way we run and maintain our resort and farm. Surfing With over 300 km of easily accessible coastline, El Salvador offers a wide array of world class surf to choose from. Yoga Our yoga deck is overlooking Comasagua River and surrounded by native and fruit trees. Come relax and tune into your breath under the calls of tropical birds and a warm sea breeze. We are a sanctuary for life, good will and harmony in El Salvador. Every aspect of design was made to mimick and honor nature; resulting in an productive and abundant system that intends to compliment local microclimates and ecosystems. The result is a nurturing and life giving environment, not only for humans, but for the countless life forms that live with and around us and the land.Welcome to the Little Hotel of Dreams, a place to relax and indulge in our quaint tropical seaside village of Sayulita. At Hotelito los Sueños we’re all about comfort, tranquility and a high level of service. Our goal is to provide you the best experience possible; clean, secure, tasteful and comfortable guest rooms, morning and evening yoga classes, an awesome free buffet as well as surf boards and bicycles to loan are just a few examples that will kick start your holiday experience.Safari Surf Adventures is an intensive, hands on coaching tutorial program dedicated to the “inter-mediate” skill level surfers. This program will take surfers to remote locations with high quality point break surf options which are optimum for enhancing one’s surf level. There is a time in every surfer’s “learning curve”, when they get to a point where the need for actual “experience” in certain waves types, conditions, and situations is the only way to not only comprehend those various situations but learn how to act and react to those situations. SSA’s goal will be to expedite the learning curve of these surfers through real time surf experiences with high end surf coaches on hand to guide them. Moving from an intermediate level surfer, where one’s skill set is a solid general grasp of their equipment, relatively strong paddling skills, enough wave knowledge to put oneself in position to and actually catch an open faced wave, basic bottom and top turns are easy for this surfer to achieve. These surfers are ready to advance to the next level but the majority do not know how to do so. They are stuck… stuck surfing marginal beach breaks, stuck thinking they have had all the instruction they need but can’t figure out why they can’t progress. They don’t have the confidence to tackle different situations to progress their surfing… be it larger waves, surfing reef or rock breaks, to confidence in their overall abilities. It is these surfers who we are marketing to. These surfers who have enough skills to advance to the next level but do not have one or more of the following attributes: Confidence, Know how / technique, and Ocean awareness. It is these items that SSA will be teaching to our guests in our highly educational based programs. In this program we are looking to work with the ‘right’ locations around the globe. We are looking for relatively remote locations with excellent surf (preferably point breaks – rock, reef, sand) at the given time that can allow our guests to experience a “real” wave under the watchful eyes and tutelage of our high end surf coaches (ISA — International Surf Association — Level 2 or equivalent & Lifeguard as well as first aid). We also want to be able to offer our guests quality accommodations already established at the location that allow the guests to relax and enjoy their vacation and surroundings.In the Heart of Morocco’s World-Class surf lies a hidden gem; welcome to Offshore Surf Morocco! We are the first surf camp in the region focusing on providing individual surf progression training from beginners to pros. Our expert ISA qualified coaches are trained to take every surfer to the next level with the use of photo and video analysis to further aid development. Next to our first-class surf coaching and guiding, we also offer accompanying yoga lessons, nutritious meals 3 times a day as well as hiking tours through Morocco’s unrivaled nature. With Offshore Surf Morocco you will stay in our brand-new ocean and mountain view camp. Our professional Yoga teacher helps to warm up the body with a dynamic practice of Vinyasa Yoga at sunrise and a rejuvenating practice at sunset. If you need to rest your surfing muscles, our local hiking guide will take you on a cultural journey into the Amazigh way of life in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains to free your mind and open your heart. Surf the best uncrowded breaks of the day, in small ability specific groups. World class surf spots surround the peaceful village of Tamraght – from peeling point breaks and reefs to consistent beach breaks suitable for all levels. Daily photo and video analysis is used to further advance the techniques learned each day. Back at the surf camp, Offshore’s team create wholesome delicious meals, using local produce that keeps surfers going all day long. The open split-level terrace allows the perfect place to socialize, join a sunset yoga class or chill in the hammocks with a panoramic view of the mountains, village and ocean.The Green Peace Inn is much more than just a guest house, our mission is to create a home away from home. We are welcoming yogis, travelers and creative thinkers from all around the globe to share a sense of well-being and community and to have delicious vegan food. This oasis of peace is located on a quiet and scenic beach of Weligama. At the large yoga shala on our rooftop, we offer different yoga classes each day, suitable for beginners and advanced yogis. These yoga classes are daily at sunrise and sunset.An Exclusive 6-Day Educational Experience & Hawaiian Vacation For Massage Therapists Earn continuing education hours and certification in: Integrative Modalities Technique An effective pain management technique that blends Western, Eastern & Energetic Modalities Huna An opportunity to gain insight through a rarely offered traditional Hawaiian Energy System Marketing & Social Media Learn skills that will help you build a strong practice through repeat clientele Benefits An exciting, local style Hawaiian experience nestled in the foothills of the Ko’olau mountains of Windward Oahu Horseback riding, zip lining, ATV’ing and other activities available at discounted rates Clean, healthy and delicious meals provided by our talented gourmet chef Learn how to make more money, while doing what you love A more economical vacation than staying in Waikiki Be better at what you already do for a living Relax and have a great time Save money

Ecolodge is simplicity and closeness to nature. Simplicity is embodied both in a residential space – a place where you can relax after a bright day full of impressions, and in communication – we are always open to a friendly conversation, where a minimum of formalities.

 Proximity to nature assumes a conditional distance from civilization – the nearest city is 30 minutes by bus. On the other hand, a wild beach, and nothing but the surf, singing birds, rustling palm trees and a warm sea breeze ..

Ecolodge does not provide anything distracting from contemplation and internal observation or give a sense of external comfort. So, for example, air conditioners and wifi are absent as superfluous. Alcohol, tobacco, meat, fish, eggs are generally taboo. But creativity, curiosity and desire to practice yoga are encouraged.

“Pelan Pelan” means “take it easy”- and that is what’s most important to us! Our little surf & yoga retreat is located in a beautiful natural environment, just 10 minutes outside of lively Canggu but far enough for you to calm down body and mind. If you’re looking to escape from your everyday life you found the perfect place with us! We would love to show you the unique Balinese culture, eat traditional food and experience the beautiful “Pelan Pelan” mentality. At Pelan Bali you can combine complete relaxation with great activities such as surfing, yoga and mediation. Life is more relaxed in Bali than you are used to back home and at Pelan Pelan we will make sure you can enjoy the Balinese way of life during your holiday. The Retreat: Our retreat features 8 rooms, situated around a large outdoor swimming pool in the middle of a stunning Balinese garden on the river. It has plenty of peaceful spaces where you can relax, enjoy a massage at our outdoor massage room, sip from a fresh juice, play with our dogs, or meet other people from around the world. Different professional teachers give our yoga classes and meditation sessions in our yoga sala down by the river. Our surf & yoga retreat is separated in 3 levels with the upper level containing a building with 4 single rooms, a middle one with the common area, pool and two rooms. Down by the river is our yoga sala, a nice garden, outdoor massage and a traditional Indonesian joglo with two rooms. Location: Our little surf & yoga retreat is located in a beautiful natural environment, just 10 minutes outside of lively Canggu but far enough for you to calm down body and mind. Canggu is one of the best surf locations in Bali and our surf school employees only the best local teachers. There are multiple surf spots with waves ideal for both beginners and advanced surfers. Canggu isn’t just famous for it’s waves but for the typical young surf lifestyle and it’s nightlife. You’ll find many cafes, bars, restaurants and shops just 10 minutes away from Pelan Pelan surf & yoga retreat. If you feel like a night out dancing on the beach- that’s no problem either in Canggu Bali. What to do: At our surf and yoga retreat you will stay minimum 7 nights and you can choose from one of our 3 package options. Our favourite package! The “get it all”- package gives you the opportunity to combine surfing and yoga! We believe this is the perfect combination to calm down body and mind while having fun and be able to relax. Have a look what you can expect if you book this package at our surf & yoga retreat: – 7 x nights accommodation – 7 x healthy breakfast – 5 x homemade Indonesian lunch (mo-fri) – 5 x private morning surf lessons or surf guiding – max. 2 guests per guide (mo-fri) – – Surfboard hire – 3 x yoga – in the afternoon – (1 hour) – 1 x guided meditation – in the afternoon – (1 hour) – 3 x Balinese massages (1 hour) – Coffee & tea (whole day) – Drinking water from dispenser – Free use of scooter and bicycles – 1/2 day trip to Tanah Lot temple – airport pick upWe believe in simplicity, in wholesome living, in balance. We are surfers & yogis who are inspired to live by these principles .The Pineapple House was born from this passion. We are not a full service yoga retreat or a cheap surf camp. We are quite small and personal but perfectly formed. Do as much as you want or nothing at all, at the Pineapple House we can ensure you will find your perfect combination. he Pineapple House was created as an amalgamation of our teams knowledge, extensive experience running surf & yoga retreats worldwide, and pure & simply for the love of Bali! Our local knowledge and appreciation of the area is second to none, ensuring your stay at the Pineapple House is an unforgettable one.   With its proximity to great surf, the world class yoga on our doorstep & the creative vibe, Canggu is the place to feel inspired. With uber cool hang outs, a pumping surf & yoga scene, a heavy focus on wellbeing and healthy living we couldn’t think of a place we would rather be!   Be inspired by new cultures, reinvigorate yourself with endless activities, nourish yourself with healthy cuisine and hang out with like minded people.   From the best wave on the current tide to the number one spot to take in a dramatic sunset, from hidden temples to stunning rice fields; at the Pineapple House we can guarantee that  you will get the inside story and recommendations that don’t appear in any guide book.   Surfing & yoga is a tried and tested awesome combination. So start your day with surfing or yoga, or both.. then sightsee, work on that project, that book, that creative idea, or simply lie by the pool?   Although we are obsessed with surfing and yoga it is the connections with our guests that really inspires us to do what we do.   If you want to remove yourself from your daily routine, kick start into a healthier and more inspirited life, feel motivated or simply daydream, join us at the Pineapple House.Experience an amazing yoga & surf holiday in Morocco together with La Vida Surf. We offer unique surf guiding & surf coaching for all levels, yoga retreats where you can connect with nature, breathtaking hiking experiences in the Atlas Mountains and quality mountainside accommodation at our Surf & Yoga Villa overlooking the Atlantic ocean.
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