Located on 17 hectares of land with trees, a lush garden, sun and swimming pool, La Dragonette is close to Avignon, l’Isle sur la Sorgue, Mount Ventoux and the celebrated Luberon valley. Renovated with taste and flair, La Dragonette is a beautiful manor house from the 18th century and a perfect retreat space.Join us for one of our transformational retreats worldwide

Agama is a true spiritual university whose core principles are centered in bringing the authentic roots of Yoga to life through courses, workshops, and retreats, at campuses around the world.

Agama is the path for an individual who decides to Choose Evolution.

We are teachers. We are uniters. We bridge ancient spiritual philosophy with new-age, modern times. We are the destination for authentic yogic knowledge. A true spiritual university. A resource for health and vitality. We give the modern yogi a place to deepen their practice while leaning into the genuine systems of yoga.

We guide students to cultivate clarity and spiritual refinement; thus empowering the individual with a balanced approach to living. Providing support to an aspiring student who is willing to live to their fullest, we provide the roadmap for the journey towards awakening. Because Agama believes everyone deserves to be equipped with the tools to live life according to harmonious principles, even when away from the yoga mat.

Spirit Mystic is the fusion of Andean Cosmology, Plant Medicine, Crystal Healing and Tantric Buddhism.Perched above the stunning Mediterranean bay of Aegiali on the island of Amorgos, this luxurious hotel run by a devoted local family offers tasteful decor, quality accommodation, truly friendly service, excellent organic food and a well equipped spa and workshop space.Awake is a space of Meditation, created by Meditators. Awake is a place to breathe, to feel, and to simply be. Awake is a place where we all get together to grow, and share the truth of who we are. Rooted in a millenial mountain range, Awake believes in people, in a conscious life and auto-responsibility. Without promoting dogmas, beliefs or doctrines, it is a space for all, where each individual arrives with their own mission, and where we all help each other get there. Awake was born and lives with the intention of collaborating with the growth of all who visit it, with desire to create moments that merge the magic of nature and the power of the teachings of our therapists and professors.SRI JOYDIP ASHRAM IS AN TRANSFORMATIONAL ORGANISATION WORKING IN THE FIELD OF ‘YOGA FOR SUSTAINABILITY ‘ AND A PARTNER OF UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT , BOOKYOGARETREATS ,RETREAT GURU ,URBANCLAP , HEALTHY BILLION , AND MANY OTHER ORGANISATION ACROSS THE WORLD WHICH IS HELPING SRI JOYDIP ASHRAM TO REACH ITS VISION OF IMPLEMENTING YOGA FOR SUSTAINABILITY  Osheanic, located near Fortaleza – Brazil, was created by a group of friends whose lives have been touched by the Indian mystic Osho. In fact, the name Osheanic is a tribute to his vision and philosophy. Osheanic is generously supported by the donations of several founding partners whose goal is to create a self-sustaining and financially independent space where people can be themselves. Many friends from all over the world have contributed their passion, energy and talents to make Osheanic the vibrant, international community it is today. A unique flowering of Osho’s vision, Osheanic is an intense yet gentle Buddhafield which enhances living in awareness, authenticity and lovingness.We have courses in stress management, fear and anxiety management, productivity enhancement, basic Yoga, Joy Tantra Meditation, Third eye activation, Kundalini Chakra activation, Heigher form mystical meditation for enlightenment. One can learn and educate under Anandadhara using online, Spiritual Holidays, and classroom program. For courses and updation please follow us in Facebook and twitter at our website. Our residential workshops are conducted in different holiday retreats in India, Bhutan and Nepal. We serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian menus to the participants as per their choice and selection. Our holiday programs have been designed to learn with fun.Lolia Eco Lodge is on a 25-acre magical paradise situated on the more secluded, SouthEastern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our property is built on the principles of sustainability, community and living in harmony with the Earth. Given our off-the-grid location, Lolia is an ideal spot to practice the sacred art of yoga or host a retreat. The stellar location is only the tip of the iceberg — Lolia is also affordable, meaning retreat leaders can actually make a profit versus breaking even when they host a retreat at Lolia Eco-Event Center.  Prices for retreat and group events start at $74 per person per day.  This price is for lodging and three healthy Farm-to-Fork meals including produce from our organic garden on-site. Our wholesome plant-based meal catering for yogis uses the freshest, organic ingredients from the aina (land) of Hawaii. Sustainably and locally sourced fruits, veggies, and herbs straight from the Lolia land, and from the local farmers’ markets are combined to make delicious meals to nourish your body and soul on your transformative yoga journey. For retreats, Lolia features:
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