Homeopathy has been a passion of mine for over a decade it is safe and free from harmful side effects and works at a level that is safe for your body. I have completed both classical and shamanic diplomas in homeopathy. Using the skills I have gained after a detailed consultation I can assess the priority problem and cause to bring your body back into balance and restore optimum health. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and is qualified to diploma level in Vibrational Medicine using the Jack Temple Method. This involves using dowsing to locate the priority area of your body to work on. I will locate the priority problem then work on the cause to bring your body back to balance and maintain your optimum health.

Theta healing is another method which finds the root cause of a problem. Pulling it out removes your obstacles and creates a better future.

From early childhood I had adverse reactions to allopathic medicine. Alternatives, therefore, were the natural route for my family and I. Homeopathy has helped me through life crises (including child birth and labour recovery). Using a combination of homeopathy and my other disciplines, I have been healed of a skin condition that most books say is incurable.

When I had an opportunity to study at the Hahnemann College, I was eager to learn. After graduating I also became a Reiki Master. I have continued to learn about safe methods to cure and I continue to keep abreast with new developments in homeopathy. I am always eager to take any opportunities to learn.

On my healing adventure I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from many amazing people. I was lucky enough to be a student on the final course that Jack Temple taught.

David is certified to teach Theta Healing™ Basic DNA™ and Theta Healing™ Advanced DNA™. He has trained with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NCHP) since 1996 and is a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher Member. David undertakes a program of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Supervision as required by the various registration bodies he is a member of.The Third Eye Wellness is a wellbeing center with a vision to uplift the human spirit and awaken higher consciousness of mind-body-soul.  In doing so, the organization develops, distributes and provides wellness products and services that enable and empower health-conscious individuals to make and sustain positive life transformations through a holistic approach to health & wellbeing. The Third Eye Wellness is a haven for individuals who seek a lifestyle of wellbeing and health. Healthy organic food is served at Chakra Café while clients may avail of organic and vegan spa & nail treatments at Transcend Spa & Nails. Healing services include ThetaHealing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tarot & Angel readings, Numerology and Past Life Regression among others. The Training center offers self-empowerment workshops, healing certifications, and corporate seminars. Finally, the retail store highlights products that support the wellness lifestyle.


Sanaiyah Gurnamal is the founder and owner of The Third Eye Wellness Center, a mind-body-energy health and wellbeing center in Bonifacio Global City, which started in Dubai before making its way to the Philippines. She is the first certified Practitioner and Instructor of ThetaHealing® in the country. She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner and Pranic Healer in addition to being well-versed in a variety of other healing techniques.   Sanaiyah’s journey began with her traversing the route of understanding mind, body, and energy through a synchronous unfolding of events. From completing a BA degree majoring in Economics and Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania (USA, 2000), she pursued a graduate Gemologist degree from Gemeological Institute of America (London/NY, 2002), and then took her certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the California Hypnosis Institute in 2008. She further received her Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM) in 2009 and her Teacher’s Certification thereafter. She is currently pursuing her Post-Graduate degree in Regression Therapies from Tasso University in the Netherlands. She recently received her Masters in Entrepreneurship with honors (Gold Medalist) from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in 2015 and is now teaching as part of their Entreprenuership program. In 2009, Sanaiyah experienced an instant healing through ThetaHealing®, a healing technique that is a perfect blend of science with spirituality. She became a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor from Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge (THInK USA) and was inspired by the many instant healings her clients experienced including remission from cancer. Sanaiyah is now a ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner & Instructor and has received her Certificate of Science, the highest certification in ThetaHealing®. Because of the many miraculous healings that she has witnessed through ThetaHealing, she is dedicated to promoting awareness about the modality. Sanaiyah is now the Representative of ThetaHealing® for the Philippines on behalf of THInK USA. Sanaiyah is completely in her element when she is inspiring others through her experiences, knowledge, and ideas. She has a unique gift for sharing knowledge and communicating information in a way that is easily understood by others. She believes that her role is to facilitate the growth of her students and clients through healing, teaching and offering support. Her road to personal fulfillment follows the path being a motivational speaker at events, workshops, and training programs; spreading awareness through teaching; and taking on individual therapy sessions with clients. It is with this vision coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that she started The Third Eye Wellness, an organization that promotes a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellbeing. Sanaiyah is now a resident guest on Magic 89.9’s Boys Night Out radio show. She regularly appears in the media such as on CNN Philippines for her expertise on health and wellbeing. She is often invited to speak at events and seminars hosted by organizations such as St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, Miriam College, Asian Development Bank, Department of Trade & Industry, and Meralco among others. Her center and its activities have also been featured on CNN Philippines. Her avid curiosity leads her to explore spiritual concepts, translate metaphysical ideas, and survey the entire universe of possibilities when it comes to perpetuating illumination. In all her activities, Sanaiyah demonstrates a true commitment and unbridled passion in fulfilling her life purpose of helping others attain wellbeing through a process of awareness, healing, and self-realization.


Maisha Chulani began her career as a financial planner in Hong Kong before moving to Manila to co-own The Third Eye Wellness, which is the second branch of The Third Eye Center in Dubai. She comes from a very diverse background – having been born in India, spending her early childhood in Japan and Indonesia, before her family finally settled in Hong Kong where she spent her cumulative years. She went to University in Melbourne to study financial planning before moving back to Hong Kong in 2003 to work for one of the largest Accounting Firms from Australia. After all that, she was still searching for more when she finally found spirituality. “The biggest tipping point for me was the realization that we create our own reality – it was one of the scariest moments of my life. Accepting responsibility.” That began her journey in spirituality. She is now a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Pranic Healer, and ThetaHealer®. She also conducts empowerment and healing workshops, Instructive Meditation, along with various other workshops.

In 2011, I did my first Holistic Course in Crystal Therapy and have been putting together Crystal Grids ever since.

Later that year I started my Reiki Training, qualifying as a Practitioner in 2012.   Reiki has completely changed my life, I am a much more peaceful person and I enjoy seeing the difference it has made to family, friends and clients.

I have done workshops in several disciplines, Sound Therapy using Tuning Forks, Indian Head Massage and Mandala creating, which has helped me experience some other healing modalities and given me additional tools that I can use during Sessions.

I use Oracle cards in readings as well as to help clients focus on what is the underlying theme for their therapy session and for myself for meditation.

Experiencing the ThetaHealing Technique has allowed me to work through my “Stuff” and clear my energy from past trauma, sadness and fears.   I was inspired to start my training in 2015 when I had learned from personal experience that you can change how you live your life and fulfill your purpose.   It has given me the mental space to allow energy to flow better and has made me a better channel for healing others.

I am still learning about all the amazing things that life has to offer.   I am interested in promoting a Holistic approach to life where each of us contributes to the well being of the world we live on.   A world where every individual is treated with respect, including all living beings – plants & animals too.

In my practice as a Holistic Therapist, I particularly enjoy helping clients reconnect with their internal peace and helping them find their true INspiration.

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