Shed and Shift offer you a beautiful journey where you can shed energetic trauma, shift through energy healing and find energy mastery.

Shed and shift will help you find a deeper relationship with the earth and her animals.

Offerings include:

1) Spiritual Mentorship

2) Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki

3) Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki For Animals

4) Vegan Medical Intuitive


Attendees will hear about ‘Healing on the Spiritual Path’. People from the region will present healings and uplifting experiences they have made.

Everyone interested is welcome. Admission is free, donations appreciated




Pradeep Bhanot is an intuitive and spiritually blessed practitioner of the sublime and ancient science of astrology and vastu shastra since the last 15years. He has predicted the course of events in the lives of many leading personalities and laypeople with equal devotion and dedication. An intense and insightful consulting session with Pradeep can be life transforming.

Join us for full day dedicated to self care in the form of practising yoga, meditation, mindful movement and intention setting.

Embrace a spiritual journey organised by Hi Vibe Events.

A collection of wellness experiences will be driven by two passionate, professionals in their field; Stel Coombe-Health and Angie from The Haus of Health.


Stel Coombe-Health is a yoga teacher, breathwork coach, emotional eating recovery specialist and energy healer. Originally from South Africa, Stel has called Melbourne her home and is a passionate yoga teacher in the Eastern Suburbs. Stel loves outdoor adventures, from kayaking to hiking, beach days and mountain biking.

As a holistic health coach, Stel infuses yoga, mindfulness and energy medicine into her consultations with clients. Passionate about holistic health, she sees yoga as therapy for the mind and soul, considering herself fortunate to facilitate yoga experiences. Stel’s sessions encourage clients to dive into the self-transformation that health practices like positive mindset, yoga and meditation can provide.

The Haus of Health works with both businesses and individuals to create customised meditation practices.

Their aim is to improve the health and happiness of all members of our community through cultivating a deeper understanding of our minds through mindfulness and meditation whilst honouring our bodies with optimal nutrition.



  • Energy cleanse
  • Vinyasa yoga practice
  • Yin yoga practice
  • Healthy vegetarian catering
  • Intention setting
  • Mindful Movement (30 minutes)
  • Meditation (60 minutes)
  • Complimentary herbal teas
  • Intimate group size
  • Take home goodie bag


  1. Yoga mat, cushion and blanket (please advise if you do not own a yoga mat so one can be provided to you for the day).
  2. Refillable water bottle.
  3. Wear comfortable, WARM, loose clothing that you can move freely in.
  4. A journal/ pen.
  5. (optional) Any crystals that are sacred to you for use on the day


Exact location and directions will be provided upon booking confirmation.


  • Due to venue and catering requirements, any cancellations made 14 days prior to the retreat can receive a 50% refund. Within 14 days of the retreat, no refunds are applicable. If you cannot attend the retreat, you will be able to transfer your place to another person to attend on the day.


This retreat is limited in numbers to be able to provide a personalised, intimate experience. Confirm your attendance early to avoid disappointment in missing out!

We look forward to sharing this day of wellness with you 🙂

La Duna is a hidden gem along Baja’s majestic coast. We are known not only for our amazing beachfront setting and organic, locally-sourced food but also for the truly unique energy that comes only from being completely off the grid.

La Duna is set on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Baja. Our eight eco-casitas and open-air palapas makes this a perfect venue for groups of every budget. All retreats include delicious healthy food with the option to add on spa treatments and tours to explore natural beauty of the area. Let us help you plan your next retreat in a natural paradise.

Dear Friends We would like to invite you! May 2021 is a special time when we can unite our hearts into a single rhythm of discovering ourselves and the world around us. Our Video conference Zoom on May 29, Saturday 14:00 UK 15:00 CET 09:00 EST 23:00 AEST Duration: 30 min Topic: “Heal Yourself” Presenters: – Vindav – Tao master, a healer. – Sheykhala – Kriya-Sunatmi yoga master, a shaman, a healer. The meeting is organized for you, who are looking for recovery in such a severe period of diseases and panic. We will tell you: – about Health (musculoskeletal system), – about breathing and what’s the main – HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF. The value of breathing and part of Tao complex for activating the musculoskeletal system will be transmitted to you. Please install Zoom and join the conference Please request for details to join in a private message on Join our Cloud HD Video Meetingus02web.zoom.uso, my question to you, are you aligned with your unique strengths? Do you find yourself wishing you were more like someone else? What if you decided instead to find out your unique strengths, so that you can shine in your own glory naturally? That’s why I created the Authentic Identity Archetype Assessment. Discover your unique strengths, embody your personal power, finally stop comparing yourself to others. and reconnect to who you know you really are. Let’s get you in your power! So you will set up your appointment for our call, then take your assessment, then we’ll go over the assessment in the call. Over 30 minutes we will dive deep into your assessment to find your ways to change on area of your life, step more fully into your authentic identity, what makes you stand out, to get what you want out of life. Are you Excited and Ready? Click the link below to start living your life the way you were meant to shine!Coaching women to embody their authentic self so they can get what they want. This includes individual coaching sessions, group coaching programs, online courses. • Angel Crystal Healing sessions which releases programs, blockages, karma, and entities thru all space & time Session typically via phone/Internet/Skype/

At Paul Anderson Youth Home, we are highly committed to helping young men aged 16 to 21 transform their lives for the better through a Christ-centered approach. We offer programs that involve drug abuse treatment, practical life skills training, vocational training and transition programs for PAYH graduates. Our service plans are tailored to meet each young man’s specific needs at the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual levels. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you or your loved ones.

Do You Wonder…

“Why am I here?

What is my Life Purpose?

Does My Soul Have a Plan?”

Do the same patterns keep repeating themselves?

Are you at a cross roads not sure which way to go?

Would you like to explore the deeper parts of yourself?

Soul Plan introduces an entirely new and fascinating way of seeing our lives based on the names we use.

Individual Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan is a powerful and accurate system of life / soul analysis with its foundation based on the birth name. If we acknowledge that letters, words have an energy and vibration then we can see that our name may indeed affect our life’s journey.

From a Soul Plan view as these sounds ripple out they create the individual human identity and with that the potential challenges (life lessons), talents (abilities), goals and Soul Destiny (core essence) – the Soul’s Plan!

Having a Soul Plan Reading gives you an explanation of your life to date and shows your highest potential.

Discovering and aligning with one’s Soul Plan can be very healing, empowering and transformative. Often it serves as an activation point for transition, carving a way forwards as you connect with the self at a deeper level, confirming your Soul’s journey.

Soul Plan is not about creating some new, improved ‘Super’ character, it is about remembering and embodying who you really are.

There are many layers to Soul Plan; As well as being a guiding tool for living this life to the full it can be a significant catalyst in realising our true nature.

We found Reset