Yoga Academy International is a non-denominational, multi style yoga school. We offer residential retreats and yoga teacher trainings around the world.

Yoga Academy International teacher trainings offer you an immersion into the yogic lifestyle and set you on the path of teaching from the heart. Students experience living in a close community while being surrounded by the healing power of nature. Keeping our class sizes limited to just 14-18 students per training enables us to offer one-to-one mentoring, personalized instruction and lots of practice teaching time.  Right from the start, teacher trainees teach fellow students, receiving support and feedback along with guidance from our instructors. Following a traditional yogic path, all of our programs promote inner peace and transformation of mind, body and spirit as well as ample time in nature. Complementing our professional curriculum is dedicated time for silent reflection and personal revitalization. While our training program is intense, you will have the opportunity to relax- exploring the beach, forest and lakes or taking long walks outdoors. We offer nourishing, delicious and healthy cuisine. Our chef’s prepare food with thought and love. Bodies embrace our delicious eats and spirits are lifted by the music, song and stories enjoyed in the evenings. Yoga Academy International was founded by Lauren Rudick. After a decade in the yoga industry and offering her own brand of specialty trainings and retreats, Lauren wanted to raise the standard of education in yoga. She aimed to start a non-denominational yoga school that was respectful to all traditions of yoga and stemmed from many different lineages. She called on some of her own mentors, teachers, friends and superstar yogis she looked up to in order to curate phenomenal yoga experiences. The goal was simple: create great quality yoga education. Make it accessible to as many curious people as possible. In addition, Lauren wanted to offer amazing experiences in nature and new cultures for her students to discover with yoga.Imagine this… You are gazing across a deep river gorge just in time to catch the first rays of sunlight crowning the canopy of the primary rainforest across the valley with a hue of gold, your senses being teased gently to life as you sip on fresh pineapple juice on the deck of a huge rancho. As the mists below begin to part to offer you a glimpseof the blue Pacific in the near distance, you hear the rhythms of the rainforest, an orchestra led by the wild brazen troop of howler monkeys only a few hundred yards away. Although you are beginning to rouse yourself a bit in preparation for the active day ahead, the sloth in the grand mayo tree off to your left hasn’t moved a muscle. Typical. It makes you think of some people you know… This is a reality on the 150 acres of tropical wilderness that is Luna Lodge, Lana Wedmore’s personal dream come true. Over 75 acres of the lodge’s property is primary virgin rainforest. You can spot literally hundreds of rare and beautiful bird species such as the scarlet macaw, red-legged honeycreeper, and slaty-tailed trogon. You will also likely encounter exotic creatures, such as coatis, tayras, and the four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica. There are year-round waterfalls on the property itself, one with a swift flowing chute and refreshing wading pool less than a ten minute walk from the bungalows. Just a few minutes further down the river valley, among a riverbed full of brilliant white boulders, a much higher set of falls thunders down from over 30 feet; you can stand under the spray and look down at how nature is realigning and reharmonizing the river’s elements. Organic pineapple grows plentiful in our giant hillside garden. Lana and her staff have created a wonderfulblend of natural landscaping and organic agricultural abundance surrounding the lodge. Counted among the fruit trees aremango, water apple, papaya, banana, china fruit, mandarin orange, lemon, cacao, avocado, and cashew. The pleasant,intoxicating aromas of ylang-ylang, frangipani, and night-blooming jasminepermeate the grounds. She also grows her own bananas, plantains, and pineapples. And what meal would be complete without herbs and spices? She has hot and sweet chilies, turmeric, oregano, basil, mustard, ginger, cilantro, and many more.Rancho Delicioso is an 8 Hectare (20 acre) property in the center of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, which is the prettiest beach area of Costa Rica, and includes the beach towns of Montezuma and Santa Teresa. The project is the brainchild of me, Geoff McCabe, but some of the lots are now owned by others, who are beginning to add their energy and creativity to the project. I’m also the CEO of Anamaya Yoga Resort in Montezuma, and two eco-village projects in the area, Pura Vida Sunsets, and Solar Vistas and am a big proponent of tropical green building. I’ve written several articles on the subject such as this one: Costa Rica Green Building. The current vision of the project is to create an organic community of eco-minded artists, especially those involved in the performance arts and yoga. Currently, all the lots that have been sold are to people who are musicians, artists, etc. At the heart of Rancho Delicioso is an organic farm, part of which is owned by Anamaya Yoga Resort. Anamaya is investing in its own lots (1 1/4 acres) and is using another 2-3 acres for orchards and additional gardening. The idea is to grow the food for the yoga retreat guests, to provide local, fresh, and organic produce. We are hoping to be able to break even or save a bit of money by doing our own growing, while simultaneously doing the following: 1. Research center for local organic farming efforts. 2. Information about organic growing techniques, published on the internet 3. International volunteer center to bring talented people who will help with the farming, create their own exotic projects and research revolving around organic farming, permaculture, and green building. 4. Aquaponics installation and research ponds. 5. Green building research, using local materials, providing information to the public about sustainable and affordable building techniques. 6. Recycling and up-cycling art, construction techniques, and research using materials provided by the area’s recycling center next door. 7. A once-weekly organic restaurant using our own produce, with various guest chefs from among local restaurants and hotels. 8. A large covered geodesic-type dome for public events, and a future circus. We are currently looking for hard-working volunteers who would like to participate.Costa Rica Yoga Spa believes the good life begins with a balance of the mind, body and spirit. Let us set you on the path to a happier, healthier life with one of our group or private retreats. Whether you are looking to deepen your yoga practice, embark upon a yoga teacher training, or simply begin your path to renewal and rediscovery, you will find an abundance of ways to explore your path here at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. Nestled between the magical waters of the Rio Montaña and Rio Nosara and awe-inspiring Refugio National Silvestre Vida Ostional National Park, Costa Rica Yoga Spa enjoys the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast of Guanacaste. Be as relaxed or as active as you desire with optional activities such as kayaking, surf lessons, canopy tour, stand up paddle boarding, horseback riding, waterfall hikes and much, much more. Or, enrich your soul by joining one of our guided meditations and treating yourself to a massage or body treatment with one of our therapists. Your senses will delight in the deliciously fresh, primarly vegetarian cuisine which features organic ingredients largely grown here on the ranch or from local farms. We invite you to come and explore with us and experience the endless possibilities that await you when your awakenend senses and nature are united in harmony.The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a 40 acre private luxury-modern Yoga Retreat & Teacher Training Center and Eco-Estate Rental Property located directly across from the beach of the Pacific Ocean yet hidden 1000 yards up in the jungles of Costa Rica. Designed and built by yogis with the intention to commune with nature, practice yoga, contemplate and meditate, and become more balanced through a health and wellness retreat eco-vacation. Our 100% off-the-grid solar powered facility with luxury-modern accommodations and serving gourmet organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine is available for rent specifically to exclusive Yoga-Wellness-Nature Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, and Workshops of up to 16 individuals. Imagine rising with the sun and the howls of Howler Monkeys, not hearing any urban nor suburban noises, all the while infusing yoga, meditation, wellness & spiritual healing, with wildlife & bird watching. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers will rejuvenate your body, tidy up your mind, and boost your spirit.Anamaya Resort is truly an exotic place, built on a cliff edge and overlooking the most incredible ocean views. The resort is a few steps away from epic waterfalls, surrounded by rainforests, and located in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beach towns. “Anamaya” is Sanskrit for “good health” and that is our focus. Our unique retreat center offers gourmet organic food, yoga teacher trainings, several types of yoga classes and yoga retreats, a variety of luxuriousspa services, and an array of uniquely designed retreat packages, and workshops all in respect to the body, mind and spirit. Anamaya also offers our guests exclusive fire dancing and circus entertainment experiences, exciting local excursions, and intimate and tranquil accommodations to enhance the exotic and unique experience of visiting Costa Rica. We strive to provide our guests with a once in a lifetime adventure.Guests visit Farm of Life to heal, transform and benefit from our healthy environment, nourishing raw-vegan-vegetarian foods, life inspiration and spiritual guidance. Farm of Life is the ideal environment to reconnect with nature and Self, and for a personal journey to wellness. We thrive on delicious raw, vegan and vegetarian food. We walk barefoot, sungaze and sunbathe, bath in the healing waters and breathe deeply. We eat the organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, which have been grown by the earth, under the sun moon and stars. We eat the colors of the 7 chakras. Meals are prepared with consciousness and love. We mind our thoughts, forgiving blame, shame and anger and choosing to nourish ourselves with love and compassion. We’ve created beautiful spaces for relaxation and restoration. We enjoy the rhythmic flow and silent peace of nature. The air is fresh and clean. Our water comes directly from springs. We practice yoga, qigong and meditation, and treat ourselves to waterfalls, wildlife, beaches and jungle hikes. Many guests visit Farm of Life with specific health issues to heal. They all benefit from Farm of Life’s healthy environment, nourishing foods, life inspiration and spiritual guidance. Guests spend as much time as they need here to heal and transform, generally anywhere from 2-weeks to 2-months. We use sacred plant medicines (optional) to guide guests healing journeys. Sacred plant medicine work is magnified when integrated with the full-spectrum healthy lifestyle taught here. From eating healthy, sound and light therapy, yoga, Qigong and reconnecting with Nature, our guests are able to lighten their density, elevate consciousness and prepare their body, mind and spirit for the Shamanic work. We host San Pedro ceremonies and work with Shamans in the sacred Diamante Valley for Ayahuasca ceremonies. Farm of Life is the ideal environment for a journey to wellness. Our beautiful, peaceful and remote location is the perfect backdrop for your journey. At an elevation of 2,000 feet, we sit atop a lush green valley with outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean, pleasant temperatures and cool breezes. We are located in the SW Pacific zone of Costa Rica, 45-minutes from Dominical Beach. Farm of Life is a sacred and energetic healing center that will hold and nourish your journey. This land has been blessed by years of our prayers and meditations and holds a strong intention to support your transformations. The land is a funnel, spiraling the energies and clearing the transmutations. Your spirit will find ease and support being here and a willingness to release into the journey. This is a place where you can exhale into the experience, knowing that you are deeply cared for. Our exquisite campus brings you closer to nature, yet treats you to modern comforts. Awaken to the songs of howler monkeys from the luxury of your cozy hilltop cottage. Swing in your hammock above infinite views. Our plush amenities include fresh spring water, hot showers and flush toilets. Our campus has a chemical-free pool and so much more.Using the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra to create a truly sacred space for your yoga or spiritual retreats, workshops and teacher training we offer you a very special location in support of your transformation, growth and overall wellness. Here at AHKí Retreat, regardless of the nature of your visit, you will find respite along your journey through life amongst our tranquil and healing surroundings, because, by honoring and aligning with the Universal energies through Vastu, we create the environment that will enhance your well being, deepen your consciousness and strengthen your connection to the greater good. Allow us hold the space for your next workshop, retreat or teacher training!Located in Dominical, Costa Rica, our oasis lies just two minutes from the beach and warm Pacific Ocean, at the base of rain-forested mountains where the Baru River meets the sea.  Home to the gorgeous Bamboo Yoga Play studio, we offer yoga, dance, healing arts, movement workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, as well as accommodations, adventure tours, healing mentoring and bodywork and rest and relaxation in general.  We invite you to open to experience the creative life force which naturally wants to move through us! We offer an intimate eco-accommodation experience here at Danyasa Eco-Retreat, with nine rooms in total for rent.  Our rooms qualify as truly eco-friendly because we created them out of beautifully refurbished (up-cycled) cargo containers. We use only the most eco-friendly soaps, detergents and cleaning products. All our rooms have real mattresses, 1500 thread count sheets, air conditioning, wifi and free filtered water.  Guests have access to a fully equipped shared kitchen, deck and lounge area. We also offer free Wifi hi-speed internet and free filtered water. Room rental includes access to the studio when not in use for classes and private sessions. All of our rooms and all of Danyasa™ is a non-smoking environment.  Thank you for your understanding.Hacienda del Sol is a boutique eco-luxury wellness retreat and spa specializing in detoxes, cleansing, yoga and mindful fitness programs.
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