Fifty Acres of Rare Tranquility where you can fall in love with your life, create your miracle, pamper your body, mind & spirit!  100% vegetarian retreat center with luxury private suites and 2-bedroom yurts. Featuring a Holistic Spa, Ozone treatments, 50 acres of walking trails, labyrinth, pyramids, ancient ruins, streams, meditation grottos and more!  Terra Nostra is in the pristine tranquil wine country approx. 1-hour from the golden beaches of Uruguay.  Enjoy the pure crystaline water, clean air and 5-star pampering at this Garden of Eden.  This land radiates crystalline energy – you are  free from all forms of interference energy (no cell towers, no aircraft overhead, etc.) Discover energy vortexes and dimensional portals that will activate your Higher Self!  A true 5th Dimensional embrace! At Terra Nostra, create the memories that will last a lifetime.
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