Go for Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru to Improve Your Life

Would you like to improve your life? Do you need to heal your body, soul or both? Then ayahuasca retreat is what you really need!

It is an ancient ceremony created thousands of years ago. Your first time should be special and done according to all the rules. By going through many ceremonies, you will gain more experience.

We have everything for you to discover the power of a sacred plant and ancient culture.

Ayahuasca for sale is available on the Internet, but its use is prohibited in a range of countries. Also, we do not recommend you to buy ayahuasca online because it may not produce the desired effect and, moreover, be dangerous for your health.

Going to an ayahuasca retreat in our center will surely become one of the most important experiences in your life!

Shamanic Vida is a small retreat center focused on individual healing process in groups of no more than 6 participants at a time. We are located in the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas in a remote Andean village. We offer 4, 6 and 11 Day Retreats, all with the option to extend your stay for more time resting or deeper cleansing. The retreat healings include Ayahuasca, Yopo, San Pedro, Kambo and Temazcal. Our purpose is to create a ripple effect in the consciousness of humanity through work with sacred plant medicines of Peru and healing techniques we have chosen, through our own positive experiences, and believe compliment the process of plant medicines. We are here to help bring about a new earth, but first we must help heal the traumas of the past. We first must begin healing the individual, but in a gentle process. Each participants process is considered on an individual basis and what the shaman and healers feel would be best suited to the healing they would like to accomplish. There is space to explore deeper and daily consultations with the shaman after ceremony to begin to understand the messages of the plant medicine and have a focus for the next ceremony. The longer the retreat, the deeper the healing. All of our programs are intensive, however there is space to take your time in the healing process through extending your retreat or opting to take less or no medicine. We guide participants only to where they feel comfortable or ready for. The ceremonies are practiced in a sacred context with Icaros (medicine songs) and sacred instruments. Each ceremony has assistants to help care for each person and anything they need. Our respect and love for the Pachamama or Mother Earth knows no bounds. At the center we are reducing, reusing and recycling all that we can. We ask you to be conscious of your footprint and when you come to Peru, to leave no trace. Plastics and packaging are problem here and we do not have the infrastructure to consolidate and recycle these types of products. For this reason we have bought and use the best water filters available here in Peru and ask you bring a reusable water bottle. While we are working on building our center in the jungle, to grow ayahuasca, bananas, cacao and other sacred medicinal plants, for the moment we are continuing to practice in the Andes, as we always have and will. Many people are drawn to the jungle for her source of ayahuasca vine, however others want to experience the kind and friendly faces of the Andes and the sacred surroundings. It is called the Sacred Valley because it is sacred, the plants and crops here grow freely to give us all that we need in abundance. Where else is there are fruit trees, Incan corn and cactus all growing in the same area? During your time at the retreat you will have everything you need for a comfortable stay with all modern necessities. We provide everything, you need only to bring yourself and a few pairs of warmer clothes. In the Andes, we can experience all four seasons in one day, but tend to have cold nights and warm days. There are Incan ruins above the center and plenty of hiking trails around, so comfortable clothes and good shoes are a must. With our hearts we are bringing every person into the healing power of the sacred medicinal plants of Peru through ceremony. “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of kind and knowledgeable Peruvian shamans and holistic therapists practicing with the aid of plant medicines and energy healing. Ayahuasca healing involves a complete liberation of our hearts and minds. Once this happens it gives participants the ability to connect within themselves, helping them to be honest, respectful, humble and determined in their paths. Our practice is traditional shamanic medicine, incorporated with meditation techniques. The retreats are focused in guiding participants to understand how to heal themselves by implementing positive practices and understanding themselves and their place in the universe. These methods we practice are lifelong aids in improving attitude, creating positive feelings, leaving behind bad habits, bettering eating habits, greatly improving physical, spiritual and emotional health. Everyone who works with us at Shamanic Vida is dedicated, passionate and gracious for their life path in shamanism and guiding others. We believe everyone can have a fulfilling life and learn the power of healing through ayahuasca ceremonies. The work we do is personal and for this reason we keep our groups small. We look forward to your joining us and taking the first step into your new life journey.


P’aqo Soto : Shaman, Healer, Ayahuascero, Maestro

Begining his journey into plant medicines early on in life, ten years ago he began treating people with ayahuasca, as part of his family tradition. To compliment his studies he became a certified holistic therapist, with certifications in traditional Chinese medicine, meditation, herbal medicine, chiropractic and continues to study. His iniciation in Yoga and Eastern Vedic Philosophy was at Vaishnava Ashram outside of Lima, Peru. The training he recieved here complemented knowledge of different master Ayahuasqueros, Onayas, Herbal shamans of the Amazon jungle of Peru Shipibos and Ashaninka. With training alongside various maestros he has come to share the beauty of the sacred medicines and techniques he learned. He is also the master for all San Pedro or Huachuma ceremonies and has deep routed experience working with Q’eros from Andes. He is a kind spirited and thoughtful shaman. In ceremonies his icaros are accompanied with guitar, flutes, tibetan bowls and other traditional instruments as well. He hopes to bring higher conciousness to the world and show others how to practice the teachings of ayahuasca in their everyday lives.

Chrissy Hamp : Reiki Master, Healer, Organizer, Creator

Finding herself in South America, not just physically, but spiritually she has come to help others along the same path. She is a lifetime learner, who is now sharing her Usui Reiki knowledge at the retreats by attuning participants to Level 1. An essential person in the communication between the Shamans, assistants and participants she deeply understands the process of healing through Ayahuasca, San pedro, Reiki, Kambo and Yopo. After her own healing journeys and role as an assistant in ceremonies for many years, she felt called to learn more about plant conciousness and energy healing. Her knowledge continues to grow and she hopes to bring more people on this sacred journey to understanding the life force of the universe and our places within it. Anything you may need to know about traveling through South America, she is highly knowledgeable. She knows Peruvian traditions and healing well. If you need anyone to explain, what is what and why they are using this or that, she knows. When she is not at the centre she spends time with her Peruvian dog Mini, practicing Reiki, painting and continuing to expand her knowledge in energy healing.

Efrein Zegarra : Shaman, Vegetalista, Farmer, Father

A half ashaninka and half shipibo, he is a suprising mix of amazonian tribes. He became a shaman early on in life at 13 years old, learning from his shipibo onaya shaman uncle. In his late teens he took a sabatical from shamanism to try and live a more modern life, but soon found his place was in the jungle. Once he moved back, he settled in with his wife and they have 5 lovely children. He believes it is important to know yourself and that this is one thing many people who live in cities tend to loose overtime. This has made it easier for him to understand and help heal participants by connecting them with themselves. Efrein is a simple yet powerful man in his healing abilities. The plants he works with are plants he grew from seed. He continues to plant ayahuasca as well as many other medicinal plants on his chacra. These plants are then used in ceremony, for dieting or made into tinctures, none are ever wasted. Everyone assisting during the ceremony has had long term experience with the medicine or another medical field. We look for people who are energetic, open minded, humble and hospitable. The people we work with are here to help bring forth positive change in the world and every situation they may encounter.
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