Red Buddha Yoga + Wellness Isla Mujeres, Mexico Yoga. Acupuncture. Yoga Teacher Trainings. Holistic Nutrition. Organic Market Days. Shiatsu. Reiki. Massage. Organic Skincare. Thai Yoga Massage. Boutique. Flor De Bach. 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 300hr Yoga Teacher Training & 500hr Yoga Teacher Training. The 2500sq ft facility is one of the oldest buildings on the island..originally built for a president of Isla Mujeres more than 120 years ago. Meg & Peter took 2.5 years to renovate the spaces to bring you both indoor and outdoor studios along with 2 beautiful treatment rooms.Rishikesh Yoga Association (RYA) established as a registered yoga school in Rishikesh with the sheer determination to spread the pure and beautiful knowledge of yoga.We offers various yoga courses such as 100 Hours Yoga TTC, 200 Hour Teacher Training Course, 300 Hour YTTC, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh and Himalayan Yoga Retreat.Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours  300 hours 500 hours with Yoga Alliance USA certification. Residential Course with accomodation and vegetarian food included. In Goa & Rishikesh. Goa Arambol Beach , Rishikesh, yoga multistyle, pranayama, meditation.Mahi Yoga Centre operates in Dharamsala, Goa, Rishikesh, Thailand, and Kerala. Mahi Yoga Centre has an experience of teaching more than 3000 students with more than 200 Yoga Teacher Training, a teacher at Mahi Yoga has more than 15 years of teaching experience! We believe in making feel the power of Yoga, and how it can change your life!Eternal Yoga is taught by visiting and resident faculty. Join one of the classes on our weekly schedule, or register for one of the many yoga retreats we host each year. We offer both group and private instruction. All are welcome to practice with us. Yoga mats and basic props are available for use. Rushing water, bird songs, local wildife, and the occasional rainstorm set the scene for your reconnection with self and nature. This high vibration environment is suited perfectly to those interested in wellness, travel, eco-culture, and yoga. Here at the edge of a rainforest reserve surrounted by rivers and waterfalls, enjoy tropically modern cabanas, delicious organic foods and oncein a lifetime expereinces on our daily-guided hikes and activities that will introduce you to the beauty of this enchanting destination. These guided adventures to  new locatoions and fufilling expereinces are offered daily. We put together a yoga centered escape meant to nourish the body, mind and spirit at the brink of the rainforrest. Just east of the world renowned Arenal Volcano in the Central Highlands, the Chachagua Rainforest Hotel and  is a 300-acre functioning ranch and eco-adventurers paradise. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature this and discover the Eternal Children’s Forest, Costa Rica’s most biodiverse rainforest: Costa Rica’s largest private reserve and a hotspot for biodiversity, ecotourism, bird watching, and hiking trails. The Bosque Eterno de los Niños (BEN) was founded by donations from children in 44 countries, and is run by a nonprofit conservation organization, the Monteverde Conservation League. The tuth of the mountain is that it holds a very speical energy. Dare to loose yourself along the zen of the riverbank or in the fern trails near the peaks…. dare to walk barefoot in the sun along the jungle trails, and experience what the forrest has to offer you.Pyramid Yogshala, a place where yoga is served as a salubrious of true yogic spirit with the sprinkling of cheeky fun. Skilled or experienced yogis pleased with the sessions of a high level of yogic skills while the beginners will gain delight from the basics of yoga. Moreover, the friendly nature of teachers and the blissful location also plays an important role in providing delight to students. The secluded and serene location of the school increases the charm of our yoga teacher training courses. It will surely relax your mind and inspire you to do more. Our yoga school (RYS-registered yoga school) is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. Our yoga courses include; 100 Hours Yoga TTC, 200 Hours Yoga TTC, 300 Hours Yoga TTC and Yoga Retreats, among which yoga retreat courses are so demanding as it can be done in a short period of time. All the yoga classes are taught under the guidelines of well-professional yoga gurus and teachers. We always keep in mind that no place for doubt should be left in students’ mind and they will go back from the school as a successful yoga practitioner or teacherThe soul of SchoolYoga Institute is an extended family of yoga teachers and practitioners who have deeply experienced the beauty and ancient wisdom of yoga and who feel inspired to share that wisdom with others. We value all the yoga traditions and intend to facilitate personal growth and transformation. In this way yoga comes off the mat and into the art of everyday living. We see the oneness in all and the unity in diversity. We invite you to join us in our practice of Mystical Yoga, a form of healing that works at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. SchoolYoga Institute introduces healing arts from across the world to yoga teacher training programs and daily practice. We prepare qualified and inspired yoga teachers and healing practitioners. Within the context of SYI yoga teacher training courses (YTTCs), we share our understanding of the ancient teachings, through the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Vedanta, Upanishads, Tantric Yoga, Mayan Prophecies, Greek Mythology, and Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, as well as modern spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Lama, and others. Most importantly, we share our understanding of how to integrate these concepts into our daily practice in the form of health, healing, and transformation. Mystical Yoga is the yoga of spiritual practice. We practice yoga as a form of spiritual discipline, or as the “path to Realization.” Even though it is derived from a number of different yoga traditions (Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar, and others), Mystical Yoga is designed beyond forms and traditions; it focuses on the essence of yoga, as an instrument to reveal the truth of our existence, the spiritual being. Mystical Yoga is drawn from our deep reverence for the mystical unknown. We share Mystical Yoga at the RYT-200 and RYT-300hr levels, during which we have the opportunity to become yoga teachers who share the mystical dimensions from where we all came and to which we will return. The universe is a place of discovery, mystery, and mysticism. We come into this world to unveil our own soul-purpose and to reveal our own gifts, so we can serve the world and advance our own spiritual evolution. Through our Mystical Yoga practice, our personal spiritual exploration, we uncover the mystical connection within us. Mystical Yoga is the true gift the universe has manifested within the SYI family and has guided us to share with humanity. The intention is to transcend physical practice, allowing it to become a vehicle for spiritual insight. Although we use the name Mystical Yoga and communicate through that form, the practice is nameless and formless. From the ancient wisdom, daily yoga mystical practice, and through our transformative mystical yoga practice, we begin to reveal a greater sense of beauty, love, and freedom. We see yoga as a vehicle that carries us to experience and enjoy the pure, true essence of life. SchoolYoga Institute offers yoga teacher training programs and yoga retreats around the world, in China, Tibet, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Bali and the United States. Our trainings are typically 21- to 28-day intensives, allowing participants to be fully immersed in the yogic environment for the duration of their education with us. Our intention is to guide aspirants through their own healing journey in order to better prepare them for healing others, letting go of anything that holds them back from what their hearts are truly called to. Together we unveil the essence, learning to taste the sweet nectar of life while maneuvering in the world with strength and grace.Rishikesh Yoga Club is situated in the best place for Yoga training – Rishikesh. We offer the ideal spiritual and healthy environment for Yoga practice. We are a certified member of HYC (Himalaya Yoga Club) and Yoga Alliance USA and fully equipped to provide world-class yoga training. Yoga has become in vogue across the world. Yoga contains the message of health and wellness for one and all. More and more people want to learn or to practice yoga with a qualified yoga teacher. This is a great time to sign up for quality Yoga teachers’ training. This is a great way to contribute to the great cause of a healthy world! By being a certified Yoga teacher, you would be able to stay fit always, makes other healthy and add some extra bucks to your pocket too! Many people have started Yoga training as a part-time job option and are doing well in all parts of the world. There are 3 types of Yoga teachers’ training courses well known across the world. They are 200 Hours, 300 hours and 500 hours Yoga Training courses which are certified by the international association of Yoga – Yoga Alliance, USA. These courses are aimed to give different levels of expertise to their students, on the basis of duration of exposure and practice. The higher the number of hours spent learning, the greater is the proficiency of the students. Therefore ideally 500 hours teachers training course is the best of all. However, one should start his yoga teaching journey with whichever course is convenient for him.RYS 200,300, 500 | world peace yoga school in rishikesh offers 200, 300 and 500-hour Hatha & Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga teacher training in India registered with Yoga Alliance USA.

Ganga Yoga Academy is a popular and prestigious Yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance USA. It offers Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga retreat programs in an ancient spiritual city of Rishikesh – India.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course has been designed for inspired Yoga aspirants to begin their journey as certified Yoga teacher. The course curriculum of 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training includes

Multi-Style Yoga Teachings:
The syllabus of the course also includes –
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