Keshava Peter Weitgasser

Former Yoga Monk (Swami Keshavananda). Since 2000 he is full-time yoga instructor.
Keshava Peter Weitgasser is a former yoga Monk (Swami Keshavananda) and interior designer. Since 1998, practiced, he lives and internalized the classic yoga style. More than 16 years he worked in the international Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers in the world. He supported and taught thousands of yoga students in the yoga teacher training and in the Yoga retreats around the world. He is a yoga teacher since 2000 certified Sivananda and the Yoga Alliance (RYT) registered. The teacher list at Yoga Alliance is a list of teachers worldwide who meet the high requirements of the Yoga Alliance to the teaching experience and have completed their training at a registered yoga school. His teaching style is natural, refreshing and dynamic. Peters extensive experience as a yoga teacher is estimated during class at the most, especially if it is accurate, individual instructions and corrections about how asanas are to be executed. His intuition and sensitivity to individual needs and differences of the participants creates a very supportive and comfortable learning environment and makes every yoga class is a special experience. He is a trained meditation & yoga philosophy teacher, an expert in Kirtan- or mantra chanting and playing with abandon various instruments like harmonium, tabla and cymbals.
Peters longtime yoga experience is felt when he most exactly pays attention how individual asanas are performed, corrected and yoga classes summarily umplant when he realizes that the participants / inside need something else. Kristina T.,  Germany, 2017-Sep-29
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