Living with the Spiritual Concept “We Are All One”

Living with the Spiritual Concept “We Are All One”

In this type of spirituality, the essence is “We are all one”. The belief is that at the spiritual level, there is only one soul, leading to the saying “There is only one of us”. With this belief, the rationale is that if I go to Heaven, then let’s all go to Heaven because there is only one of us. If you go to Hell, then let’s all go to Hell because there is only one of us. This is why spiritual beings don’t curse another to go to Hell.

On top of this, spiritual beings don’t believe in Heaven and Hell. They believe there is no Heaven and no Hell because they don’t favor a reward and punishment system. They prefer not to use fear, like Hell, as the motivator for people to do good.

You may then ask why should people do good if there is no reward and punishment or no Heaven and Hell? For spiritual beings, they do good for goodness sake and don’t look for rewards, especially spiritual rewards. Isn’t this what unconditional love is all about? Okay, while all these are to do with the afterlife, how does the concept “We are all one” work in our physical, everyday life?

The essence is being considerate. Whatever we do, we consider its impacts on another, be it a human, animal or environment. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Will the world be better if everyone practices the concept “We are all one”? We will not kill another because if we kill another, it means we kill ourselves. We will not cheat another because if we cheat another, it means we cheat ourselves. So, there will be no war and no financial crisis.

On the other hand, if we help another, it means we help ourselves. As the saying goes “Your pain is my pain.” So, there will be no hunger and no poverty on Earth. We will naturally live with compassion, integrity and humanness. You see we can be good without living in fear. Wouldn’t you call this Heaven on Earth?

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