On Action & Non-Action (Paralysis)

On Action & Non-Action (Paralysis)

In 27 years of my existence I have realized one thing after many struggles – that God allows you the capacity to start things but doesn’t leave their endings in your hands. God allows you the initiative to start work, project or relationship or any other endeavor that you may wish but its fulfillment and your desired outcomes and expectations, God doesn’t leave them in your hands! He decides it for us! And in that case, we only remain as mere spectators in the play.

But this world is His leela, his play and not our play. We did not create this world, so who are we to decide how our story goes? Hence, in Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna emphasizes us to work, work and work to bring and achieve desired results in life while not being overly attached to the results as it will always paralyze you and cause you to non-action, in the same way as Arjun’s despondency in the battlefield when he refused to fight the Kauravas, citing them as his own “family”.

In the same breadth I would as Lord Krishna would go on to say that, “What has to be done, has to be done and you, the doer, shall not back out from his/her actions”. Doesn’t matter if you have to go to war and shed some blood.

There’s so much prevailing injustice in the world and in our society only because of this:- because on the mass scale, people were too paralyzed over the results, that they didn’t bother to take actions on micro/individual level and hence, never acted.

This leads to action-paralysis on a large scale and on a macro level, and its resulting outcome is for everyone to see – there’s social injustice everywhere, poor people do not have a voice and hence do not get a chance to rise, individuals who don’t act, who never acted, are half-witted, timid, and are lost even before they fought, because they already lost the capacity for any meaningful action due to action-paralysis. Due to this lack of willingness to act, they have rotted, decayed and corrupted over a period of time. They are corrupted to the level of numbness. They are numb to what matters.

Even now, they all expect a single person, i.e. our honorable prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi to change India and India’s position in the world for the better. But it doesn’t work that way, as actions are always cumulative. Don’t focus on what Mr Modi can change; change yourselves, your surroundings and whatever else you want to change….and don’t focus on the outcome, it may be for better or worse…. that you may recollect later on!

You will get ample time to do that!!

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