On Life's Miseries and Ever-Eluding Thing Called 'Success'

On Life’s Miseries and Ever-Eluding Thing Called ‘Success’

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” – Psalm 23:4

There are some mental situations that test your abilities to the core. If you handle them correctly, then yes you know you are in business and are here to stay!

Nobody will ever be able to take that which you will never yield. So, never yield to pressure.

Forget the world – do what is right for protecting the interests of your business, of your employees (who support your cause), of your shareholders (who support you financially), and of your clients (who support your product).

It is thrilling to have that kind of power that someone’s salary is based upon your decisions. It is thrilling to have that kind of power that someone’s life time investments are based upon your decisions. It is thrilling to have that kind of power that someone’s trust is based upon your decisions. But with great power, comes great responsibility ….

You don’t always really have to be in business to do that.

Say, if you are a student, then in the business of life your parents are your shareholders as they support you financially, all the people who serve you – the laundry man, your driver, your domestic help, watchman, etc though they are only doing their respective jobs, also are supportive of your cause of education, you can study, focus on your studies beause these fine people are performing the mundane daily tasks and activities for you.

And lastly, your clients are everyone who come into contact with you, whom you share your things, your thoughts, your feelings, your unique ideas, your talents, and your gifts with. Unless you are bully or a tyrant or a potential criminal, don’t worry you are doing just fine! You are delivering your products and goods to your clients. As a student, You may not get good grades at school, but as long as you are faithful to the cause of your vocation and aptitude (collectively known as ‘education’), believe it or not, you are actually delivering what you ought to deliver. In Good and prosperous times, we tend to believe that these times will last forever and this heaven which we have found after a long-enduring struggle, we have finally captured, we have conquered forever, and that we rightly deserve it.

But it is totally wrong, life is a life-long struggle. If you don’t struggle, you are left to feed upon yourself.

And there’s no heaven or lasting pleasure or happiness here, on this planet earth that will not change, that will never change and last forever.

In fact, situations in life change in less than a moment’s notice.

Please always remember, that life of man upon this earth, is a warfare. And that, you are an eternal warrior upon this plane, until your death.

Always consider the chain of events that brought you to your current fate. If you are successful, it may not be only because of your own efforts. If you have failed recently, it may not be only because your efforts were less or not up to the mark. But some other dumb factor may have played against you, which is also known as ‘Hard Luck’. So therefore, in success always remain humble and in failure don’t lose hope and never give up on yourself.

Failures are ‘Good’ because they let us truly appreciate Success, when it comes. You will not appreciate your own ‘Success’, if it comes upon you very easily…

Fail innumerable times, but stand up (recover quickly), so as to attack again (try once more).

Success is a difficult but worthwhile process.

In the process, sometimes you wish that you were dead.

At other times, you may wish that you were not even born 🙂

But it’s only a matter of time, until you succeed. So keep on keeping on…

Never shun problems, issues, conflicts, struggles, disputes and challenges.

They all carry within them the very seeds of opportunity, the very basis of your success.

Whilst the unseen forces of Providence are in my favour, and are here to protect and guide me, what shall I fear and why shall I fear ? Confident on the divine Providence; in my prayers, I hereby invite these very things upon myself, knowing very well that they all contain the seeds to my success, happiness, and also make me stronger and a better version of my best self in the process.

Hey God,
Do give me my righteous share of Pain and Suffering, Problems and Challenges, Sadness and Sorrow, Worries and Anxiety, Depressions and Hopelessness, at this time and stay rest assured that I shall not break, I shall not seek to escape and shall always rise up to fight.

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