Stay Fearless, Stay Blessed

Stay Fearless, Stay Blessed

Most people are working with a fearful energy. So if you are fearless, you already have an edge above and over many people.

Some of these people live in their self created shell of limitations (read: hell of limitations).

They don’t even try. They accept their life’s circumstances as a given or worse, as absolutes.

But the worst thing is that, in many cases they can’t even comprehend that these limitations are self-created and not otherwise imposed upon them.

They have conditioned themselves to be so.

They always come up with an argument or a justification against themselves.

And hence, sabotaging themselves, their dreams and their goals ….

It has been rightly said that ‘it is man who makes a heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven.’

So the point is – You have to programme yourself for success lest you develop a disease/habit of being a failure.

If you aren’t going to put up a fight for what you want, nobody’s going to give it to you.

Life is a fight every step of the way.

— Take life as a challenge. Not as a problem.
— Stay prepared for the worst. Because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.
— If caught unprepared, learn to bounce back fast !

No matter what people tell you,
When the bad times come,
You have to face them all alone,
You have to deal with all your pain,
All your struggles,
All by yourself.

The people you count on, Will either not be available, Or will totally desert you… Correct me if I am wrong !!

Live as if every day is a new year.

Stay Blessed ! Stay Fearless !

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