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Submission Guidelines

Word count: No minimum word count. Anyhow, it is better to submit articles between 500-1000 words or above.
Links to other Sites: In relevant cases you may add a hyperlink to the original source.
Type of Content: We always welcome original content and posts, already not published in other websites.

Articles and reviews: Please do not submit articles or reviews that seek to endorse a product or a particular religion or spiritual path. Submissions should have a universal appeal that transcends a particular religion, spiritual discipline, philosophy, or creed.
Please submit a brief biographical sketch including name along with contact information.
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All articles submitted are considered for publication, but no article is guaranteed to be published.

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  • Article topic is spiritually related and is helpful or informative and is not an advertisement.
  • Include no links within the article. Use the author link section to provide a link to your main web site page. A deep linking option is provided through the article submission interface to link to two of your most important keywords or phrases.


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If for whatever reason your article is not accepted, don’t take it personally. It is just not a fit for us at this time. Also, although we read every submission carefully, because of the volume we receive we may not be able to respond individually.