The Most Powerful Vibration

The Most Powerful Vibration

LOVE transcends barriers and boundaries of ignorance and knowledge, fate and destiny, pure and impure karma, material and subtle, higher and lower consciousness …man and God!

Definitions fail where love reigns supreme! All rivers lose their identities once they pour into the sea!

LOVE brings man and God together in no time, without a trial, ritual, austerity or sacrifice! Where there is love, there need be nothing else! Love is a ‘full-circle’ energy …of completeness and self-sufficiency! …existing of, by, for and in itself! It is both the cause and the effect, the impact and the consequence, the giving and the receiving …the ‘Nirguna’, attributeless, and the ‘Saguna’, divine!

All sand and murk get washed away with the power of love! And then you and your God are One!

The spiritual approach that unites through ‘love’ for the highest consciousness, the Creator, is Bhakti. It has been said that Bhakti, or the path of Divine love …’Prem’, is THE path to realization in Kalyug, our present epoc.

So the shortest answer to the global human querie… “HOW CAN I REACH GOD?’ is… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! …love for all and everything, now and always, unfailing, unconditional and eternal.

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