This Too is For Good

This Too is For Good

More and more, I am beginning to believe the Universe is working for my Highest Good. What may seem like a set back, or a problem or a nuisance, can really be for my Highest Good, if I look at it that way. Given half a chance, everything works out for the best.

Many times a day, a week, a month, we experience things that have the appearance of being a problem, a hassle, something to worry about, or a failure. Usually, we moan, fret and complain about it, and let the appearance of this thing take our power and affect our beliefs. But it does not have to be that way. In fact, we should do everything we can to fight the inclination to think the worst. Because, in all likelihood, this thing we are calling terrible or horrible is really for our Highest Good.

How can I say that? Several reasons.

The logical and scientific argument would go something like this: if this is a Universe of Goodness, and if this is a Universe of Unity, Wholeness and Oneness, then everything in the Universe is Good and can only be Good because there is only the One. So if there is only Goodness, then whatever we may be experiencing cannot truly be bad. We may see the appearance and call it bad, but if allowed to play out, more than likely, things will be what we call Good in the end.

If we say in a problematic or troublesome situation, “This too is for Good,” what we are really saying is, I have the power to name this situation as Good, and I expect only a good outcome of this situation. I am telling the Law to make the good outcome, and that I detach myself from this “terrible situation.” I give no more power to it and wait in calm expectation for the perfect outcome. By saying, “This too is for Good,” I show my trust in the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, which knows better than I, what needs to happen to create my Highest Good. Infinite Intelligence knows everything. It knows what my Highest Good is. If allowed to unfold in its perfect way through my trusting consciousness, there is no doubt that my Highest Good will come about.

That is the logical argument. Now let’s turn to Principle.

Part of the foundation upon which the Science of Mind is built is the idea of not judging by appearances. This same Truth is mentioned in the Bible, as well. Don’t go by appearances. Appearances are not always the truth. The appearance of illness does not mean there is an absence of health. Health is always there. Same for poverty. Same for war. There is always Abundance everywhere. There is always omnipresent Peace. The appearance of a situation we may label as a problem is not the truth of the situation. The Truth is: This Too Is For Good. When we stand in this Truth with faith and resolve, we will know the Truth and go beyond the level of physical appearance.

Lastly, this is a friendly Universe. It always supports us, nurtures us, helps us, and gives to us unconditionally. Sometimes we need a little push. Sometimes a situation arises that forces us to move, to take action. Spirit will not let us stay in one place too long. Some of us need bigger pushes than others! That problem we are calling “trouble” may be just what is needed to get us to take action that leads us to experiencing our Highest Good.

I needed a push recently. The actual situation came out of the blue, but it forced me to take action along a path I had been knowing I should walk down, but sort of just kept putting it off. Sound familiar? I could have interpreted this loving push from the Universe as a hassle, a problem, a headache, the opening of a can of worms, but I stopped that repetitive soundtrack in my head and calmly said, “This too is for Good.” Believe me, I had to repeat that many times to convince myself! I am currently telling the Law to create the good outcome I expect, and so far, things are working out. The situation is not completely resolved, but I am sure only my Highest Good is being served. I know I will be able to look back on this situation and honestly say that things happened for my Highest Good.

Life is always moving forward. If you don’t keep moving too, it will give you a friendly nudge! Life is always giving feedback. If there is some belief that needs changing for your Highest Good, it will give you ample opportunity to change that belief. Better to take heed of the gentle nudge than the whack over the head, which will surely follow if you ignore the nudge. And you can do that by approaching each small trouble, each uncomfortable situation with the attitude that This Too is for Good.

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