Why Are You Keeping Yourself Small? • Angelica Horvatic

Why Are You Keeping Yourself Small? • Angelica Horvatic


A breakfast conversation this morning with one of the friends I met in the retreat I am staying at, made me really sad. And angry.

This beautiful woman who is ‘in her spare time’ a very talented writer, isn’t actively searching to publish her writings. She is even hiding it from her friends and family in the small city where she grew up and still lives.

Not just that she lacks support from them, she very often gets judged and bullied just for being ‘different’ and thinking outside of the box.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time I hear this.

What is your gain from it?

That you fit in?

That those childhood “friends” approve of you?

That they love and support you?


And unless you are a kid who is helpless and is relying on his / her environment to survive – WAKE UP and smell the coffee.

FRIENDS are people who are on your side.

They are people who want you to grow and learn. They want you to expand and  succeed. And to pursue any of your crazy big dreams – even if they can’t understand them.

They simply love you and want you to be happy.

Friends want you to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE. Regardless of what, where, and with whom your purpose is.

So please remember this and break free from the chains you are keeping yourself locked in.
Move away if needed to make a fresh new start where you can make a REAL friends.

You will be surprised how quickly your dreams can turn into REALITY when you ALLOW YOURSELF to breathe in environment which 100% supports you!

And btw I didn’t read about this in some fancy schmancy spiritual book. I have lived it and I keep experiencing this over and over in my life.

At the end, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my beautiful, precious friends around the world for your love and support through all these years. I would have never gotten this far if wasn’t for you all. I LOVE YOU Why Are You Keeping Yourself Small? • Angelica Horvatic 1


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