You Are An Abundance • Angelica Horvatic

You Are An Abundance • Angelica Horvatic


I had an amazing consultation session with a beautiful man in a need of emotional healing who can’t afford my fees.

We have both felt a strong click – we KNEW we ought to work together – it’s just meant To Be.

And guess what – when that same man at the end offered to trade services with me – I absolutely LOVED the idea!!! ?

Having an enthusiastic professional taking care of for me the most boring aspects of my business which I have struggled with for too long, feels like a lottery win for me!

I was looking for the right person to take care of my website&stuff for a long time, in the end I gave up…

So this new client – who is unable to pay for my services –  just turned up to be blessing in disguise ?

What are your passions, gifts and talents?

What are you GOOOOD at?

Have you ever thought of offering your awesome talent in exchange for well needed service or product you feel you can’t afford at the moment?

Remember that your beautiful soulful work can be an amazing blessing, joy and a – TRUE GIFT – for someone who can in return give you exectly what you seek for!

Remember that abundance isn’t just a money.

Conquer your mountain! 🙂


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