You are the Creator!

You are the Creator!

You are already one with the divine. The god force, the Creator that created all of this. You are already one with that. In effect, you can say that you created the universe for your fulfillment. Fulfillment of what ?

You can change your perspective of every human and animal and tree and plant, as being created by your own self, for serving your own purpose. As you are Creator, itself. And your fulfillment is to unveil the layers and finally know it for yourself.

When all are your own creation, the question of violence never arises. Why would you hurt or want to hurt your own creation ? What God does that ? Questions of self – esteem and concept of ego also vanishes.

All remains is love and the focus on the smooth functioning of all your activities to achieve all your goals and dreams. You don’t choose your goals and dreams. Your dreams and goals choose you and the divine force within you allows their manifestation based upon your love energy.

Don’t confuse this love energy with the ‘intent’ or the ‘benevolence’ to do good. This love energy is ‘the light of your soul, as a Creator’, which was gifted to you by Providence. Have you really laboured with love.

Have you really pushed yourself when you felt you had no spirit to do so ?

The Creator within you hence does allow bad and wrongful deeds to be committed by people who were upto no good and deprived of any benevolence or good intentions. It is also your duty to protect and defend yourself freely against such people.

Growing spiritually, mentally, physically are one and the same thing. We don’t need to compartmentalise or categorise. Instead, we must focus on integrating them in our thought process as much as possible, which leads us to enlightenment.

When you are living with the perspective of you as the Creator, there is no envy and you are jealous of nobody (as you created them). There is no lack. Hence, your self – confidence increases to unprecedented levels giving you the ability to function as never before in your life and reach such heights.

There is no hurt. There is no desire to possess anyone as you ‘own’ everybody and everything, yet in particular, nobody and nothing. Every nature, human, animal or plant & trees is also equally desirable to you.

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